In new local reality show Ubizo, modern medium Lloyd Radebe connects his clients to their deceased loves and conveys messages from the spiritual world. While Lloyd can’t promise to heal people who’re in distress, he can promise to set them on the right path to healing by offering clarity and closure to the unanswered questions in their lives, soothing the wounds of the past.

Whether it is unresolved maternal or paternal identity issues, marital problems or exploring their ancestry, the client voices their reasons for consulting with Lloyd and he begins the reading. In each episode, Lloyd aims to put back the missing pieces in the seeker’s life through the information that he receives from the other side. “The purpose of Ubizo isn’t to air someone’s dirty laundry for the world to see and laugh at. It is intended to give the seeker a sense of balance and direction in their lives,” explains Lloyd.

The clients are brought in by his assistant, Andile Shezi, who ensures that they don’t have any form of interaction with Lloyd before the reading begins. “I’m not even allowed to bump into the clients before the show,” says Lloyd.

Between two worlds

Translated in isiZulu, Ubizo means the calling, which is usually associated with a spiritual calling. For years, Lloyd tried to hide and run away from his gift as a medium because he had plans to hit it big as a cameraman. But the more he avoided his purpose, the more his life became chaotic. And everything began to crumble at his feet. “I think my ancestors knew that I was delaying my calling, so something had to give,” says Lloyd. Tasks that used to be simple became increasingly difficult and he couldn’t continue with his job. “I was frustrated and miserable. In fact, my contract was terminated. I’ve always been aware of my psychic abilities, but all the signs were enough for me to take the step to answer to the calling,” he adds.

After accepting and practising his calling, there was a complete turnaround in Lloyd’s life. He enjoys sharing his gift with others to bring positivity in their lives – and viewers will get a glimpse of that on Ubizo. “The amazing part is that I was so worried about losing the money I made as a cameraman. Look where I am today in the television industry, I’m an executive producer on Ubizo.”

Connecting with the other side

The most challenging part about Lloyd’s role as a psychic on Ubizo and in his day-to-day life is being the bearer of bad news. “It’s difficult to tell someone that their friend or a family member is casting spells in their lives. Some truths aren’t always comforting, so you can imagine how hard it is to reveal to someone that their biological father is their uncle and not the man who raised them,” explains Lloyd. While these messages are painful to process, they are meant to bring positive outcomes to his clients.

Life beyond earth

No matter where spirits take him, Lloyd is always ready to go the distance and convey messages. He has stopped strangers in the middle of the road or while crossing robots to deliver a message. But nothing beats the time when he was led to a brothel to pass on a message to a sex worker. “Everyone thought that I was there for what they call ‘business’, but I was there for other business,” jokes Lloyd.

Ubizo starts on Saturday, 11 April on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 19:00

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