Is it love? Uyang’thanda Na? finds out!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe – at Mzansi Magic’s new dating reality show Uyang’thanda Na?

“The course of true love never did run smooth,” said Shakespeare. That’s why the dating reality show Uyang’thanda Na? exists – to bring would-be, could-be love birds together in the same space to see if Cupid’s arrow can maybe unite their hearts.

Crushers often struggle with two things: Firstly, they’re secretly infatuated with someone and dream about a possible relationship with the person they pine for. Secondly, they don’t know whether the person will reciprocate, and love them back.

The aim of Uyang’thanda Na? is to find out. The show helps shy and scared crushers to make their declarations of love during a cool date, in a safe space for them to then ask the big question and get clarity on whether there’s a future or a chance of a relationship between them...or not.

The crusher – a guy or a girl – already knows that they have feelings for a guy or a girl who might be single, or in an existing relationship.

Where the object of their desire is already in a relationship with someone else, coming to ask the question is not about breaking that up, but wanting to let that person know that you think they’re all that, and a bag of chips!

The first step is to invite the person pulling your heartstrings on a date, dress up in your finest, and then declare your love, admiration and life-long devotion in sweeping grand gestures. If you can fit in a little kiss, hold a hand, go down on one knee or slip in a wink of the eye, all the better! The love of your life needs to know that you’re serious, and have the feelings.

After a cute crusher has made his or her lovey-dovey declaration about love for-the-ages to the yummy-lovey sitting across from them, it’s time to muster up the courage and to pop the big question: “Do you love me?”

Now take deep breaths, deep breaths – and maybe gulp down the rest of that glass of wine or champagne as you wait for the response. Will she say yes? Will he say no? Will true love blossom or will there be awkward silence, cringe-worthy conversation, someone running away, or romantic fireworks?

Only Uyang’thanda Na? unites a crusher with a could be lover to see if sparks can fly, and we’re so there for the drama, the dinner, and the delightful declarations!

Watch Uyang’thanda Na? Season 4 on Wednesdays, starting 9 October 2019, on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:00.
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