Slaying secrets with Dineo Ranaka in Yim’ Lo!

Shun the shame! Dineo Ranaka helps people get up the courage to reveal buried secrets about their lives.

Dineo Ranaka is back, helping people over the hurdle who all have something shameful to share with a loved one, but simply can’t muster up the courage to do it on their own.

The down-to-earth and very relatable Dineo has been very open over many years about her personal life struggles, fights with family and her own demons and challenges. She hasn’t been afraid to bare all about her own life, and through her own example, she’s helping to open the door for others to do the same.

With her soft touch and nurturing approach, she sits down with people from all walks of life who should have told their lovers, family and friends something about themselves long ago, and helps them to break the news in the best possible way in a safe environment.

Dineo isn’t the big celebrity in the room – she’s the sister, the mother, the friend. She gently helps people to unburden themselves of the secrets they’ve been hiding for so long, and no longer have to live in secret and in shame that the people who matter the most to them will find out. They are ready to tell it themselves.

Surviving the aftershock

After people make their bombshell confessions in Yim’ Lo!, Dineo stays seated and helps people who just heard some big shockers and secrets to process the news.

She ‘defends’ the person who made the revelation, showing that it’s okay to come forward and to speak your truth, and is likewise there for emotional support for the person who just had to hear something unbelievable from a loved one, and is struggling to take it all in.

Whether it’s a married man dressing up in women’s clothing at night, people coming clean about drug use, someone secretly pretending to be blind and begging for money, a wife secretly doing traditional rituals in the bedroom, a daughter who is a cleaner at a school but told her mother she’s a teacher, or a woman who sings in the church choir but secretly twerks for money, Dineo is there to help them all.

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