It sounded like a conspiracy theory, but as the evidence piled up, it became increasingly clear that Russian president Vladimir Putin held more sway on American soil – and in the White House – than anyone had realised. Savvy viewers will definitely want to consider the case presented in this 90-minute documentary that examines decades of evidence of corruption and propaganda, and which The Wrap says, “connects the dots with methodical precision”.

That Russia-Trump thing … finally beautifully explained

The new documentary film, Active Measures, meticulously breaks down and explains the allegations of the US presidency’s collusion with the Russians.

Global warming – how it works and its impact – was just academic scientific jargon to most of us until Al Gore took on the subject in his film An Inconvenient Truth and showed how it’s all connected. Now Jack Bryan, the filmmaker behind the new documentary, Active Measures, takes a similar approach to help us understand why and how Donald Trump is linked with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin.

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Because there’s so much information, legal stuff, “fake news” and never-ending investigations around the subject, it’s easy to lose track and understanding of who did what and why, what is really at stake and how it all fits together. Active Measures breaks down, in simple terms, the follow-the-money story that will make you say: “Thank you, I finally understand it all”, and help you make an informed judgement for yourself.

The 90-minute documentary’s title comes from the term “active measures”, which describes a strategy for political warfare used by Russian and Soviet security services for almost a hundred years now to influence and control world events through insidious techniques ranging from propaganda and disinformation to persecution and assassination.

The documentary serves as an easy-to-follow visual flowchart, tracking events from long before Trump became president – Putin’s rise to power and ascension to the Russian presidency in 1999 – to reveal a history of manipulation and influence in America and the world. Keep in mind that Putin was the boss of the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s successor to the feared Soviet-era KGB. The film builds a solid case for the allegation that Putin is the man behind an ongoing 30-year process of covert political warfare intended to disrupt and ultimately try to control world events to his liking.

The film substantiates its claims by drawing on interviews with journalists, experts and American politicians. It “follows the money”, showing how laundered funds have bought access and influence. It connects the dots between Putin and Trump, tracing multiple financial interactions that link the two, directly or indirectly, on various levels. While there are many theories about how Putin may be connected to the Russian crime mob, just by focusing on the money, the documentary shows how Russia has acquired powerful connections in the White House.

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