Altitudes of 4 000 m, the white-water rapids below Victoria Falls, cutting through thick jungle growth with 100 % humidity and poisonous creepy crawlies and deadly predators. These are just some of the extreme challenges the host and crew endure to bring you this excellent new limited series, Jeremy Wade’s Might Rivers.

You probably know the British catch-‘em-all fishing pro, Jeremy Wade, from the popular series River Monsters, and now you can join him on this 6-episode investigative docuseries, Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, in which he ventures forth to see some of the world’s most iconic rivers for himself.

An eye-opener

Stark information comes to light that most, if not all of these rivers – the Ganges in India, Yangtze in China, Danube in Eastern Europe, Mississippi in the United States, Amazon in Brazil and the Zambezi in Africa – are slowly dying and declining in health.

Fishing for answers

Viewers will see just how this extreme angler and biologist investigates the disappearance of freshwater giants from the world’s largest rivers, including in-depth interviews with the people who live and make a living alongside the rivers, to try and understand how exploitation and pollution have diluted and destroyed the home of monster fish.

Besides showing the problems faced by these majestic rivers, Jeremy will also try to show that there is still hope – that these giant geographical waterways snaking their way through mountains and valleys to the sea, can be saved if their health improved.

“Mighty Rivers is an adventure. We go with Jeremy, as we have with River Monsters, to incredible places that most of us will never get to see,” says producer Lisa Lucas about the show. “We meet locals who’ve spent their entire lives at the river’s edge, we experience local culture and we get to see some incredibly rare fish. And along the way, we’re learning about the condition of the planet’s greatest rivers.” Every episode ends with the progress that’s been made since filming ended.

How it’s brought together

Filming takes place over 21 months in eight different countries, with the crew travelling thousands of kilometres to see the devastation of 23 different types of freshwater fish and rivers. And while the show documents the damage being done to the rivers you’ve never seen up close before, it also brings an inspiring message filled with facts.

“The huge and outlandish predators that lurk in our rivers have all but disappeared,” says Jeremy. “I want to find out why this is happening and what we can do about it – because we depend on water just as much as any fish. So, in these new journeys I’m not just fishing for monsters. I’m fishing for answers.”

Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers season 1 starts Thursday 1 April on BBC Earth (184) 19:00 

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