If you’re a fan of comedy series Young Sheldon – which takes a look at what pedantic theoretical physicist and nightmare flatmate Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory was like as a tween prodigy – you’re in for a treat from Saturday, 20 June to Monday 22 June. Following the Young Sheldon S3 finale on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net (DStv 101) at 18:30, the entire season will be up for binge watching. Binge the first part on Sunday, 21 June between 13:20 and 15:00, and the second part on Monday, 22 June between 06:00 and 13:50.

And if you’re sitting there watching Young Sheldon, and wondering what it’s really like to raise a child who’s so much smarter than you in real life, be sure to catch the CBS Reality (DStv 132) documentary My Kid’s Smarter Than Me on Sunday, 21 June at 19:30. This one-hour special focuses on how parents and families of four child geniuses aged between 3 and 15 years old, are meeting the challenges of raising them.

Brilliant kids 

  • One of the most remarkable of the four, who will be showcased, is Autumn de Forest. She was just 8 years old when she sold a painting for over $100,000 at her first art auction. Art runs in her family – she’s a direct descendant of Robert W. de Forest, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Her family chose to home-school her to allow her the flexibility to paint and travel to exhibitions. They kept her supplied with paint and canvass and her father even repurposed his music studio to become her art studio. “I want to inspire people and change the world for the better. When I heard art was being taken out of schools, I was so worried,” says Autumn. The documentary was filmed in 2010, but Autumn is still making waves. In 2018 she appeared in the music video for Shawn Mendes and Khalid’s song "Youth".
  • The documentary also focuses on 7-year-old Pranav Veera (who supposedly has a higher IQ than Einstein) who has an eidetic memory and wants to grow up to be an astronaut. His father, Prasad, found himself stumped by the lack of resources available through local schools and online to keep a child-like Pranav stimulated, and to teach him, as a parent, how to guide a high IQ child. “My belief is that everybody is gifted in their own sense, and it really fascinates me how our mind works and the plasticity of our brains," says Prasad.
  • 15-year-old Roland Liu was just 13 when he was admitted to Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. It was the first time he’d ever felt at home, at school. “Being here makes you feel good about yourself because you’re always being accepted,” he says. Two years after the documentary was made, Roland had his BSc in Bioengineering. His parents faced some unique challenges while he was little – he’d wake them up at five in the morning to beg for new maths problems to solve.
  • The documentary also tries to guess at the potential of 3-year-old Walker, who is obsessed with cars and can identify them by make and model. Who knows how far that “drive” can take him.

...and other medical marvels

My Kid’s Smart Than Me is part of CBS Reality’s (DStv 132) slate of vintage medical reality specials that’ll give you something to think about in late June. Here’s what else is coming your way.


The Real Skinny

Dramatic weight loss from a state of super-morbid obesity back down to a healthy weight (whether through lifestyle change or surgery, which also includes lifestyle change) saves lives and radically changes them for the better, but it presents its own challenges. This documentary follows couple Sarah and Chris as they undergo post-bariatric surgery to remove the wrinkled remains of their formerly fat selves. The body sculpting process is painful and difficult but avoids the medical complications that can come with living with loose skin folds.

Watch on Saturday, 20 June on CBS Reality (DStv 132) at 19:30


My Broken Brain

This compassionate Irish documentary features patients living with Epilepsy, Motor Neurone Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Their conditions are degenerative or incurable but they’re willing to take part in testing and surgery help researchers work on developing cures and new treatments for fellow sufferers. In the meantime, the show looks at how they live and work with their families and friends.

Watch on Saturday, 27 June on CBS Reality (DStv 132) at 19:30


Housebound: Trapped Inside

We’re all joking about our lives under Lockdown, but some people with mental issues have been living trapped indoors by their own brains for years. This documentary breaks down the daily emotional and practical struggle that people with agoraphobia face. Forensic psychiatrist Dr Keith Ablow guides us through what’s happening in the minds of two patients as they battle the condition daily, including how they deal with being not being able to leave home even to shop. And possible treatments are discussed.

Watch on Saturday, 27 June on CBS Reality (DStv 132) at 19:30

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