How was drug boss Pablo Escobar captured?

Narco Wars: In Their Own Words tells the story of the daring capture of the most notorious drug boss in history, with dramatic recreations and never-before-seen video.

Make some Nachos, then settle back for this absolutely riveting real-life documentary about the “Narco Wars” that gets right into the middle of the action and reveals the real story of how the good guys caught the bad guys smuggling drugs in South America.

“Narco” (short for narcotics, meaning drugs) has been a big problem across South America. Unscrupulous drug cartels and murderous drug-dealer bosses rule in a reign of terror. They also rope scared and poor people into their nefarious dealings, exploiting them as “drug mules” in the transport and delivery of various illegal substances – extremely dangerous work that they literally don’t want to get their own hands dirty with.

The new TV special, Narco Wars: In Their Own Words on National Geographic, tells the spine-chilling story of how the most vicious drug cartel in the world was taken down, along with its ruler – the ruthless drug-kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

The episode allows the viewer to experience the incredible events and join in the hunt for the elusive narco boss just as intimately as the people who finally managed to catch him. “There’s no better way to tell a story than to hear it from the people who lived it,” says executive producer Tom Jennings. “We hear directly from those involved, getting a detailed, moment-by-moment account of what actually happened”.

In Narco Wars, agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena from America’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) speak candidly about the world’s most notorious drug lord and how his massive multi-$billion drug empire was dismantled. The show also uses never-before-broadcast audio and video recordings, as well as meticulously researched archival images and cinematic recreations to bring the shocking story alive. We’ve never seen a drug bust executed so close-up before.

Watch Narco Wars: In Their Own Words on Tuesday 14 May on National Geographic (181) at 20:45
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