Did he do it?

Investigation Discovery’s disturbing new real-life murder mystery focusses on American real-estate heir Robert Durst, whose life has been characterised by mysterious deaths and disappearances all around him.

You don’t need to know who Robert Durst is to be rattled by Investigation Discovery’s gripping four-part special docu-drama, Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery, about a rich, sinister and now infamous New York real estate tycoon whose life has descended into a disturbing and bizarre murder mystery.

Robert Durst was one of America’s wealthiest men, but behind closed doors the millionaire-turned-suspect was an extremely sinister character. And it’s not just one thing that put American law enforcement on his trail. There is the decades-long saga – still unsolved – of the suspicious disappearance in 1982 of his wife, Kathleen, and later, the savage murder of his friend, Susan Berman. As if that wasn’t awful enough, there is also the brutal killing of his neighbour, Morris Black. All of which has to make you wonder – how do so many people die around one person without him being involved?

The new docu-series attempts to piece together a picture of the now 76-year-old Durst, who has been described as a loner since high school, who claimed that he watched his mother die when she fell from the roof of their mansion when he was seven years old, who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and is largely estranged from most of his family.

The police have questioned Durst over many years, and conducted several searches in a bid to find concrete evidence linking him to the events. The 2003 Morris Black case eventually saw Durst confess to dismembering his neighbour’s body and dumping the remains in Galveston Bay – earning him a five-year prison sentence – though he was acquitted of murder.

Investigations are also ongoing into possible connections between Durst and the cold cases of missing18-year-old Lynne Schultze in 1971, 16-year-old Karen Mitchell in 1997, and 18-year old Kristen Modafferi, who also disappeared in 1997.

It took 18 years for a judge to finally rule last year that there was enough evidence to put Durst on trial for the murder of Susan Berman back in 2000. The much-publicised trial is set to start in September this year, and the world will certainly be waiting with bated breath to see how the case unfolds. Until then, Investigation Discovery tells all in four hours of riveting, jaw-dropping television.

Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery S1, starts on Sunday 5 May on Investigation Discovery (171) at 21:50