Nature doccie series Serengeti is an intimate portrait of life and loss in an epic landscape

The new BBC natural history wildlife series follows the animals of the Serengeti plains over one year in a fascinating story narrated by John Boyega.

This intimate, emotional six-part story of a year in the lives of the animal families of the Serengeti is told from inside their world as their stories interweave, playing out dramatically in the passions and devotions, friendships and losses, jealousies, rivalries, tragedies and triumphs of their journey through the seasons. We’ll get to know each individual and their family as their tale unfolds in an epically-shot natural history series filled with animal plot-twists nobody could invent.

The drama of the pride lands

The majestic Serengeti grasslands in Tanzania in East-Africa are where cameras captured all the action – daring escapes, shocking moments and delightful animal interactions in a visual TV safari you don’t want to miss.

This fascinating and beautiful new nature series brings us closer than ever before to the animals in an unspoiled pocket of one of Africa’s most inspiring landscapes. The stories lead us from mongooses, porcupines and warthogs to cheetahs, lions, baboons and elephants – their lives, just like ours, are absolutely filled with relationship drama.

Narrated by British actor John Boyega (Finn from Star Wars), Serengeti captures all the high drama of the area’s distinctive wildlife up close over the course of a year, focussing on the challenges faced by some of the iconic species who call this magnificent place home.

Walking in the wild

Thanks to ever-advancing camera techniques and technology, the cast of animal characters has been filmed more intimately than ever before. Using ground-breaking filming techniques and pioneering technology – including drones and the use of multiple stabilised camera systems, the producers – who got special access to a pristine corner of the Serengeti – have captured intimate footage of the tension, the anxiety, the in-fighting, the perils and pursuits that form part of daily life here.

We’ll get to walk beside the stunning animals and see their emotional highs and lows as they face key points in their lives in their natural habitat, from the time of plenty in the Serengeti summer with food in abundance, to the lean months of winter. Throughout the year, the Serengeti remains a place of unexpected events that forges bonds, turns families against each other and tests relationships to the breaking point. Emotions run high as each of the animals – from the very big to the very small – struggle to survive and cope with the epic and unexpected events in their world, events that will leave them – and us – changed forever.

Serengeti starts Sunday 4 August on BBC Earth (184) at 16:00