Explore our 7 extraordinary continents in 2020 with David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough takes us on a journey through biodiversity with the landmark history series, Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Set off on a brand-new journey of discovery around the world in the company of none other than renowned natural historian, Sir David Attenborough, from the comfort of your couch with the new landmark natural history series, Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Continental drift

The series explores how life developed on each continent and so gave rise to the extraordinary and wonderful diversity that exists in nature today… and why this precious diversity is fast being lost.

Two hundred million years ago, the Earth only had one supercontinent called Pangaea, entirely surrounded by ocean. Then Pangaea began to break-up and biological life was “cast adrift” so to speak, on several different landmasses – pieces that eventually became the seven continents we know today.

Seven Worlds, One Planet showcases utterly beautiful and simply astounding nature stories filmed across seven episodes, taking viewers on a breathtaking new revelation of nature from Antarctica and South America to Africa, North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Simply put, it’s the biggest natural history series on biodiversity ever produced – filming nearly an entire year in certain parts. The episodes were filmed for 158 days in Asia to a whopping 332 days in South America.

Unity in diversity

The series celebrates the diversity of life on each of these continents, but also features the many challenges faced by animals in a modern world dominated by humanity. By telling unknown, unseen and unexpected wildlife stories, viewers will uncover the fundamental truth about what makes each one of our seven worlds so unique.

“We will discover how this may be the most critical moment for life on Earth since the continents formed,” says Sir David. “We’re changing the world so rapidly that life is facing some of its greatest challenges yet. Never has there been a more important time to reveal the precious diversity of life on our seven continents.”

Wildlife drama

Viewers will get to see remarkable, new animal behaviour ranging from the baking plains of Africa and the frozen waters off Antarctica, to life at the extremes in Asia. In Europe awaits surprising wildlife dramas hidden right alongside us and the series is filled to the brim with the unexpected. Scott Alexander, the series producer says Seven Worlds, One Planet is “first and foremost a wildlife behavioural show”. “We went out looking for the newest and latest stories, new species, new behaviours. Even where we show animals that you’ve seen before they will be doing things you haven’t seen them do before.”

Seven Worlds, One Planet is coming to BBC Earth (184) in early March 2020

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