Hindsight, as we know, is 2020; so as we head into a brand-new decade, this docuseries produced by acting great Tom Hanks takes a look back at where we came from and this time it’s the turn of the 90s. From the politics and scandals, to entertainment and technology, this decade belonged to Generation X and saw the birth of the last of the current-day Millennials.


Golden Age of Television

This decade saw the rise of some of the longest-running shows in history, and “must-see-television” was truly exactly that. Without PVR or internet streaming, either you watched Seinfeld, Frasier, Buffy and Friends the night it aired, or hoped someone videotaped it for you. Episodes one and two will have you feeling nostalgic for all the shows and major television events that made history, from the infamous OJ Simpson trial to the reign of The Simpsons.


The Politics of War

Next up the series moves on to topics of politics and conflicts. While Soviet and apartheid regimes fell, the world-wide optimism and euphoria felt after the destruction of the Berlin Wall and Nelson Mandela’s release from prison was short-lived. With Iran’s invasion of Kuwait, the USA started Operation Desert Storm to halt Saddam Hussein’s incursion, marking the start of the Persian Gulf War. Baby boomer Bill Clinton faced down a storm of controversy due to his involvement with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and this after an already rocky first term as US President.


Relive the 90s on DStv

If the documentary leaves you longing for more 90s nostalgia, we’ve rounded up some DStv shows and films to relive the decade.

Beverly Hills 90210 was huge – and now Donna, Kelly, Brenda and the rest of the gang are back in the whacky spin-off slash reboot BH90210. If you haven’t watch it yet – head over to M-Net this Saturday evening.

Watch BH90210 Saturdays on M-Net (101) at 20:00

Four Weddings and a Funeral was a surprise break-out hit and ranks as one of the 100 greatest British films of the 20th century. His performance made Hugh Grant with his floppy hair and deceptively shy stammer a household name. Plus, it helped that he was dating hot British model Elizabeth Hurley.

Watch Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral on DStv Catch Up

You don’t need to have seen the British film to enjoy or understand the brand-new dramedy, of the same name, and the reboot is the tale of four college friends who are thrown one curveball after another when they reunite in London.

Watch the series Four Wedding and a Funeral on DStv Catch Up

Michael Bay’s 1995 buddy cop action film Bad Boys has a cult following and the chemistry between stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was awesome to see. With the latest instalment in the movie series being released as we speak, why not head to Catch Up for the O.G. fast-talking ride of a lifetime.

Watch Bad Boys on DStv Catch Up

Today she’s more well known for her lifestyle brand Goop that is taking over on all fronts, but back in the 90s young Gwyneth won her first Oscar as the Bard’s love interest in the award-winning Shakespeare in Love.

Watch Oscar winning Shakespeare in Love on DStv Catch Up

Showmax has a host of iconic 90s films that all deserve a revisit – from Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider (before she was a mom or UN ambassador) or Russell Crow taking on the Romans in Gladiator, to Liam Neeson’s inspiring turn in Schindler’s List (before he became the new action man we know from Taken) to the truly terrifying Blair Witch Project, which would have struggle to fool most people into believing it truly featured the lost video footage of a group of campers being killed off by an evil spirit, if the internet was as established as it is today.

Head over to Showmax to enjoy these iconic 90s films

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