Our planet harbours some of the best-kept secrets, many so enthralling that they seem almost completely unreal to us. But two avid explorers go in search of answers to debunk even the most obscure myths in Discovery Channel’s (121) brand-new series Unexplained and Unexplored. Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah are on the hunt for mysteries lost to time and uncover them using stunning 3D animation to re-create these long-forgotten stories. From the quest to find a mysterious treasure ship buried in a desert to their hunt for the elusive Fountain of Youth, the pair combine their use of unconventional laser mapping tools with expert research and traditional maps to unearth the mysteries concealed by the Earth.

What to expect

Episode 1: Ghost Ship of the Damned

The duo use 3D mapping to find a long-lost ship filled with stolen gold and silver, rumoured to be buried deep beneath the California desert.

Episode 2: Curse of Superstition Mountains

A gold mine in Arizona could spell a $200 million payday, that’s if Justin and Emiliano can find it.

Episode 3: Knights Templar in America

The explorers look into the theory that the Knights Templar fled Europe and found the Americas a whole century before Christopher Columbus did.

Episode 4: Killing Meriwether Lewis

Justin and Emiliano investigate whether Meriwether Lewis was assassinated as part of government conspiracy.

Episode 5: Mystery of The American Maya

There’s new evidence that suggests the Mayan civilisation didn’t just up and vanish, but instead relocated to America and this episode uncovers the legitimacy thereof.

Episode 6: Hunt for The Ark of The Covenant

Hi-tech archaeological methods are used to trace the Ark of the Covenant through the Holy Land, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Episode 7: Egypt's Land of The Gods

Could there have been a mysterious Egyptian secret society? The team dive into the Red Sea (literally) in search of shipwrecks that might hold the answers.

Episode 8: Finding The Fountain of Youth

The US might house the fabled Fountain of Youth when Justin and Emiliano head to Florida and Arkansas in the series finale.

Meet the team

Justin Fornal

Think Indiana Jones meets Ben Gates from the National Treasure franchise and you have Justin Fornal. This explorer and cultural detective has worked across the globe from Mexico all the way to the African continent. Justin also collaborated on an episode with the late Anthony Bourdain in Parts Unknown. Not only does this adventurous man (he won an award for this back in 2016) investigate traditional and indigenous people, he’s also a long-distance swimmer.

Emiliano Ruprah 

This writer, photographer and filmmaker has seen the best and the worst on Earth – he’s worked in countries plagued with conflict and on the flip side, countries boasting some of the most pristine wilderness areas on earth. Emilio says of the new show: “The more we learn about the Maya, the more impressive they become. They are for me perhaps the most underrated society. It’s a great tragedy that the Spanish Conquistadors destroyed vast sums of knowledge and culture as they pillaged the continent. There are so many elements about the Mesoamerican accumulation of knowledge, craftsmanship, and spirituality that have been lost forever.”

Unexplained & Unexplored S1 starts on Tuesday 18 February on Discovery Channel (121) at 20:55

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