Set in 21st Century London, 101 Dalmatian Street is inspired by Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel and Walt Disney’s 1961 classic 101 Dalmatians. Disney Channel will premiere a new episode every weekday with premiere episodes until 12 April.

Disney Africa announced today new animation series, 101 Dalmatian Street will premiere on Disney Channel (303) on Monday, 1 April at 16:00 with a new episode launching every weekday until Friday, 12 April.

The exciting new series will introduce a new generation of children to the wonderful, spotty world of Dalmatians, with 101 Dalmatian Street inspired by Dodie Smith’s timeless 1956 novel and Walt Disney’s classic 1961 film, 101 Dalmatians. The launch follows a special episode that aired in December 2018 which introduced audiences to the unique characters and world of 101 Dalmatian Street.

Aimed at girls and boys, the new series has been reimagined for the 21st century and is set in modern day London. The series follows the adventures of eldest Dalmatian step-siblings Dylan and Dolly, their parents Delilah and Doug, and their big barking blended family of 97 younger brothers and sisters, whose names also begin with ‘D’. With two working parents and no human owner, there’s a lot of pressure on Dylan and Dolly to keep the home in order, despite the fact that they’re still just kids who want to do their own thing.

101 Dalmatian Street stars Josh Breneras Dylan (Silicon Valley, Star Wars Resistance, The Big Bang Theory), and Michaela Dietzas Dolly (Steven Universe, Barney & Friends) who voice the eldest Dalmatian step-siblings.

Mixing up domestic comedy with urban adventures, extreme sibling rivalry and puppy mayhem, the series explores growing up and finding your own spot within the turmoil of the biggest, messiest, furriest blended family anyone has ever seen.

In the first of two back-to-back stories entitled Power to the Puppies Dylan and Dolly clash over their wildly different puppy-sitting styles, so they call a snap election to decide who is top dog – only for Diesel, the dog world’s most unsuitable leader, to accidentally win. In the second story entitled Who the Dog Do You Think You Are? Dylan discovers his royal heritage, Clarissa latches on with plans to make a Prince out of this pooch and feather her own dog basket. As Dylan embraces his royal role, Dolly and the other pups are forced to wait on him hand and paw. Soon, something’s gotta give!

101 Dalmatian Street will launch on Disney Channel (303) on Monday, 1 April at 16:00 with new episodes rolling out weekdays until Friday, 12 April.