It’s time to go bananas over the curious and friendly Apple, and his timid and polite friend Onion in this cute kids’ show Apple & Onion. Together with their friends French Fry, Burger, the kind old Mrs Lollipop and – of course! – Hot Dog, they learn about life in the big city and friendship in their anthropomorphic food world … and you’ll so relate.

What’s it about?

Apple doesn’t like that he’s short. He also gets jealous of Cotton Candy when she becomes good friends with Onion. And don’t fret if that all sounds a little bit surreal – you’ll also get to meet singing pizzas, burrito neighbours and Chicken Nugget who’s a control-freak police officer who just wants to be respected. The story is heart-warming and reaffirms the power and positivity of friendship no matter where you live.


The series is an American-British blend from storyboard artist George Gendi, who is the executive producer and who worked on The Amazing World of Gumball, as well as Sanjay and Craig. George is also the voice of Apple, while the British Richard Ayoade is the layered voice of Onion. The AV Club in its review says, “Apple & Onion knows that you know what kinds of stories it’s going to tell, and ultimately it doesn’t really care: They’re just too much fun.”

“They’re just too much fun.” – The AV Club

Singalong fun

Beware all: Apple & Onion is filled with singalong musical sequences about the duo’s latest foodie adventures. They’re so silly and humorous that you’ll want to rewind or re-watch several of them again and again. The highly enjoyable earworms range from short, joyous harmonies to hip-hop infused beats that are amazing to watch and hear.

Apple & Onion starts on Monday 30 March on Cartoon Network (301) at 15:45.

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