There’s no greater stimulant for creativity and imagination than taking it back a million years where dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the skies. That’s one of the reasons Gigantosaurus is so popular among the little ones and the parents – it’s a fun cartoon that teaches kids about teamwork with lovely animation full of cheer and great humour.

Based on the best-selling children’s book by Jonny Duddle, Gigantosaurus is about five inquisitive friends, all different dinosaur species that live in their own little world but want to learn more about the legend that is biggest dinosaur ever, Gigantosaurus.

Meet the characters

Mazu is a curious Ankylosaurus who’s forever building things and studying.

Tiny, as the name suggest, is a playful little Triceratops who’s the resident joker and prankster and is forever drawing.

Bill, oh lovely Brachiosaurus Bill. All Bill likes to do is eat. And eat some more. He’s always threading with caution and likes to think twice and thrice before doing anything, much to the annoyance of Rocky.

Rocky is a feisty and spirited Parasaurolophus who uses a traffic horn as his crest. He has a speech impediment and can’t say the names of most dinosaur species, including his own.

Giganto. Legend has it that he’s a vicious fellow, but the four friends know another side to him. His size is a bit intimidating, but his friendly personality makes up for that.

Gigantosaurus S1 starts on Monday 2 March on Disney Junior (309) at 06:30

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