Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally stumble upon a portal to a demon world filled with monsters and witches and curious creatures? Well, Luz (voiced by Sarah-Nicole Robles) certainly doesn’t. In fact, she loves every second of it.

Welcome to The Owl House, an animated Disney series that takes viewers – both young and old – to a magical place called the Boiling Isles from Monday, 26 October on Disney Channel (DStv 303) at 15:15. And while the name of the isles sounds rather gross and smelly (it is), the characters you’ll meet along the way will certainly make up for the stench.

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Wanted Witch

First up, there is Edalyn “Eda” Clawthorne, an overly proud and rebellious 40-something witch who doesn’t really care about authority or tradition. She also happens to be a criminal running from the law, and she’s also living with a curse that threatens to turn her into an owl beast when she least expects it. But the self-proclaimed “most powerful witch of Boiling Isles” has found a way to keep the dreaded owl transformation at bay – at least, for now. Voiced by Just Shoot Me! (hello ’90s fam) and Hot In Cleveland star Wendie Malick, Eda reluctantly takes Luz and her crazy gang on many wild adventures while battling to keep her wits and her human-like form about her.

Troublesome Teen

Naturally, Luz’s sudden appearance in Boiling Isles complicates matters for Eda. Not only are humans despised in the magical world, but coming into contact and trading with humans is considered a terrible crime. Desperate to blend in, Luz pretends to be a witch and manages to convince Eda to pose as her witchy tutor. While the 14-year-old Luz battles to keep her true identity hidden, she also has to survive the day-to-day struggles of being a teen in both the human and fantasy world.

King is King

As Luz and Eda both try to scheme their way through Boiling Isles, you’ll also notice another quirky little character at their side. Meet King, Eda’s roommate and sidekick who claims to have once been the all-powerful King of Demons. Sadly, no one believes him because he’s just too cute, much to King’s dismay. But that doesn’t prevent King from acting like the former monarch he once was as he belts out orders and demands respect from everyone who crosses his path, naturally while lazing around as much as possible.

Together, the looney trio call The Owl House their home – a creepy stone house on a cliff on the outskirts of town. As with all things in Boiling Isles, there’s nothing ordinary about this house. Found within the home’s average-looking door is a wooden owl face that, at times, comes to life to welcome guests or join in the trio’s fun. Aptly called Hooty, this owl is the demon guardian of The Owl House and has many stories to tell. Just a pity no one ever bothers listening to him…

Have You Heard?

Also keep your ears open for a few other familiar voices. All My Children actress Eden Riegel, who played Bianca Montgomery in the 2000s, steps up as the three-eyed witch Boscha who bullies her way to the top of the class, while Tati Gabrielle, from sci-fi show The 100 fame as Gaia, voices Luz’s Hexside school friend, Willow Park.

The Owl House brings together fascinating characters, a rich imaginative world and delicious animation, while also delivering an important message: what makes you weird makes you wonderful. And we love it!

Watch The Owl House S1 from Monday, 26 October on Disney Channel (DStv 303) at 15:15 or on Catch Up

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