There’s Chupacabra (a strange blood-sucking creature), Zepotle (a reptile-like being) and Tzitzimime (a demon-god). There’s also Camazotz (a bat god) and the El Silbon (the lost soul). Latin America is a treasure-trove of wonderfully terrifying creatures that you’ve probably never heard about. But now you can meet them face-to-face in the new exciting series on Cartoon Network, Victor & Valentino.

Half-siblings Victor and Valentino get up to all kinds of mischief when they go monster hunting. Luckily it’s not that scary for the pair, who thrive on having run-ins with supernatural slime-balls and evil humans who lurk in the dark corners of Monte Macabre.

The look and feel

If your kids love the cool, funny side of Scooby Doo and the adventures of Dora the Explorer, they are going to really enjoy this spectacular series. Victor & Valentino educate even the tiniest of tots about South American folklore, its people, culture and places. In addition to the scary, funny stories, they’ll also get to know more about monsters, creatures and horror legends, making for some interesting campfire tales.

The brothers

As they are half-siblings, Victor and Valentino have similar traits but also very different personalities. Valentino or “Val” is the eldest and Victor or “Vic” Calavera the youngest. Together they spend their summers with their grandma, Chata, in the small and mysterious town of Monte Macabre. It’s here that they go on supernatural journeys to uncover myths and legends. The duo also learns to embrace each other’s differences and appreciate each other’s quirks, and to use them as strengths to get out of all kinds of crazy situations.

The talented creator

Diego Molano, who was a writer and storyboard artist for Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls, is the creator of Victor & Valentino. The characters were an idea of his in college in 2002, when he first drew them as part of his art thesis (he’s the voice of Vic as well). Every episode incorporates Aztec, Olmec and Mayan mythologies from Mesoamerican folklore. It makes the animation series unique and interesting to watch no matter how old you are. “When I was growing up, my grandpa would tell me all these really unbelievable stories and a lot of it had to do with mysticism and folklore,” says Diego. “It’s not easy to take the mythology and form it into something that works for children but that’s the fun part for me – taking something really dense to create a story line that you can follow.”

Watch Victor & Valentino on weekends from Saturday 14 March on Cartoon Network (301) at 11:50

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