In the first season of Absentia, FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) slowly started to piece together some missing links of her traumatic childhood and her adult abduction and consequently became the prime suspect in a string of murders. As the season progressed, Emily uncovered shocking revelations about those close to her, the double lives they lived and their nefarious involvement in her childhood.

One of the biggest takeaways from season one was when Emily discovered that as a child, she was part of an experiment at an orphanage where the evil Dr Shen tortured children enough to turn them into killers – she escaped and managed to leave behind the brainwashing.

What’s coming

The new 10-episode season kicks off straight from the last with Emily now rejoining the FBI while she continues to search for more answers to her traumatic childhood and captivity as an adult. Stana, who is also executive producer on the drama series, says that in terms of the tone of Absentia, she would describe it as an “Alice in Wonderland, but a really dark and twisted Alice in Wonderland”.

“In season one we got to know this character. For season one the audience asked, ‘Can we trust Emily?’ In season two, we spend more time with her and now the question for season two is ‘Can Emily trust herself?’ In the first season, we spent a lot of time in an objective viewpoint with this character leaning in on the mystery.”

What fans can expect from the second season is a deep dive into some of the secondary characters like Emily’s bother Jack, her husband’s new wife Alice and Nick. “Although Emily is the protagonist it is one of the exciting things this season.”

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