The first season of US youth drama All American gets an A for amazing, while the teens get a B for backstabbing, a C for cheating, and an F for fighting, as the teenage football star Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) discovered that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but rather where you water it.

All American is not a sports show; it’s light on football lingo and is more about the fish-out-of-water journey of Spencer who is trying to balance his poverty-stricken home life and his childhood values with the upper class, although often fake, glitzy world of LA’s most elite suburb. Daniel, who is actually British, knew nothing about American football before he got the role. “I knew nothing. I grew up playing a bit of basketball and soccer,” he said in an interview.

From rags…

Rising football star Spencer James has a chance of a lifetime. He’s recruited by Beverly Eagles coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) to not only leave behind the public-school system, but also to leave behind a life of gangs, crime and dysfunction. But there’s definitely no warm welcome when Spencer joins the football team at Beverly Hills High, as he’s met with anger, resentment and racism. His one-in-a-million chance at making it big just got a whole lot harder. And the fact that seeing how people on the other side of the fence live, work and party, Spencer gets sucked into this good life but has to bring himself back down to Earth in order to reach his goals. Taye says the series “is really interesting, it’s very layered, and it’s fun. There’s so much outside of all of the cliffhanger moments – the politics involved, the sports, the relationships, the different neighbourhoods, monetary brackets; love. There’s so much.”

Season 1 recap

Spencer’s increased popularity at Beverly Hills High had him mix with new friends and even form some new romances. Coop looked for her father but was conflicted about actually meeting him. Asher continued his spoilt brat attitude but was forced by Layla to re-evaluate his life. And Billy had to face some hard truths to make sure he got his family back on track.


What’s next?

Season two kicks off right after the Beverly Eagles won the state championship but there’s not much to celebrate as Spencer faces a tough decision that could change his reputation for good. And Grace and Corey sit down to tackle some issues regarding their family.


Each episode is the title of a classic rap song from the world’s biggest hip-hop stars like Tupac, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Warren G. Some titles include California Love, m.A.A.d City, Bring the Pain, and Lose Yourself.

Season 2 of All America starts on Tuesday 14 January on 1Magic (103) at 21:30

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