Seduction and scandal as Ambition premieres on 1Magic this week

OWN’s delicious new multigenerational drama is coming to our screens, and we have three excellent reasons not to miss a single power move on the stylish, scandalous drama.

This bold and steamy new primetime family saga from producer Will Packer (Girls Trip), starring Robin Givens (Riverdale and The Bold and the Beautiful) is coming to 1Magic. With heaps of delectable secrets, lies, affairs, beautiful and power-hungry people, and at least one wholesome (on the surface) couple to root for, you won’t want to miss a single episode.

Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens) had social and political influence long before her husband became mayor of Atlanta, mainly due to her family’s law firm being one of the most powerful in the city.

“Atlanta has a lot of housewives, some real, some desperate, some real desperate – but only a queen can sit on the throne.”

In fact, it’s her husband, Mayor Evan Lancaster (Brian White), who “married up”, so to speak. While attempting to impress his powerful new in-laws, Evan dabbled in some dubious activities, which brought him onto the radar of Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins) from the US Attorney’s Office. Amara is also Stephanie’s former sorority sister and bff-turned-sworn-enemy. As fans will soon learn, our Stephanie is not the type to let go of a grudge.

Here’s why you’ll be hooked on Ambition

1. Characters you’ll love to hate

Givens describes her character Stephanie as “absolutely delicious, she’s so bad!” And if the teaser trailer is anything to go by, Stephanie will make some of the current housewives of Atlanta choke on their sweet tea with her scheming ways.

“Atlanta has a lot of housewives, some real, some desperate, some real desperate – but only a queen can sit on the throne,” she says as she takes her seat, spiky jewelled crown perched on her perfectly blown-out mahogany tresses. We can’t wait to see her take on all the men and women standing in her way to the top.

2. It’s a total guilty pleasure

“This is a soap about politics but it's fun, juicy; I can live vicariously through these rich people behaving badly,'' creator Jamey Giddens said at the show’s premiere in June. Everybody is rich, everyone has skeletons in the closet, and everyone has something to prove. Fans won’t be able to miss the sexy machinations as friends and family use their power in the courtroom – and the bedroom – to get exactly what they want.

3. Impeccable studio credentials

Super-producer Will Packer might be better known for the movies he’s produced – Girls Trip, Ride Along, Think Like a Man – but his forays into the small screen have been just as impressive. In 2016, he was involved in History channel’s Emmy award-winning series Roots, and Variety credits Packer’s “voice of authenticity” as a large part of the series’ success.

Along with executive producer/writer Jamey Giddens (The Rich and The Ruthless), Ambitions promises to be one of the hottest shows to debut this season.

Watch Ambitions starting on Monday 22 July on 1Magic (103) at 20:30. Can’t wait for Ambitions? Check out all the series currently available to watch online with DStv Now.