Executive producers Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (Heroes) bring us this classic retelling of Neil Gaiman’s international bestselling novel American Gods to the small screen. The story follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he travels across America with Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane) and how old gods living among human beings are tired of being pushed aside by new media, tech and screens – decide to go to war to win back humanity’s attention.

On their journey, Shadow Moon becomes the bodyguard of Mr Wednesday and discovers that he is in fact the old god Odin brought to America by settlers to warn about the war the old gods are about to wage on money, technology and media. This forces Shadow Moon to decide whether he wants to join Mr Wednesday in his battle or learn the truth about his deceased wife.

Who are the old and new gods?

The so-called “old gods” are from African, Egyptian, Norse, Roman and Greek mythology – they’re all very real and actually exist. Then the “new gods” are media and technology – they're also very real, aptly led by Mr World (Crispin Glover) as the new god of globalisation. “Gods are real. Gods live and work in America and look like regular people, but they have varying levels of power,” Mr. Wednesday explains to Shadow. “There are old gods – gods of provision and culture – that were brought over to America by immigrants.” Many of them have now been abandoned; struggling to seek out a living. The new gods – mostly using screens like the one you’re reading on now – are the ones who people nowadays give their time and attention to.

“The show is about belief – about faith,” explained Ian. “It’s not a religious show because it’s TV in the end. It’s not in your face. It’s not a political show. It’s not about immigration. But all of these big themes come into it because it’s America and it’s about faith and belief.”

The new season

When we left season one, Mr Wednesday attempted to recruit the Old God Ostara and used Mr Nancy to win her over. Season 2 kicks off right after Easter’s party and the showdown that took place there. Mr Wednesday continues his pitch for war to the Old Gods while Mr World plans revenge.

Season two of American Gods starts on Saturday 18 January on M-Net (101) at 22:00

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