She’s not your ordinary housewife

Three-course home-cooked meal, check.

House spotless, check.

Laundry done, ironed and folded, check.

The list goes on and on – the never-ending expectations that society has placed on the so-called perfect housewife. As if such a thing exists.

That’s the beauty of the comedy American Housewife, starring Katy Mixon as housewife and mother of three. Her nonchalant attitude mocks the general sentiment of her uptown community where all the moms are prim and proper, and their mansions are adorned by rows of loving family portraits. The uppity town of Westport is unashamedly the crème de la crème of suburbia, and the only reason the Otto family has moved here is for the benefit of their special-needs youngest daughter, Anna-Kat (Julia Butters).


Tackling issues with sass and emotion

One of the signature remarks, or backhanded compliments that Katie is probably used to by now is “you’re so real”. For her, only fake people who want to accentuate their phoniness will comment on how “real” she is. She is, after all, the only mom in the block who doesn’t have at least two Fitbits or walks around carrying a bottle of green juice (according to Katie it’s not juice, it’s algae). She’s a plus-size woman, according to Westport standards, and makes no apologies for her refusal to drink “algae” and yet still doesn’t like the idea of being Westport’s “second fattest woman” (it’s confirmed, she did a poll). She’s probably the only mom who’ll openly admit that she has a favourite child. It’s her youngest, by the way.

We’d expect nothing less than dealing with real-life issues in a witty and sarcastic way from this series; what with the college scandal that made headlines last year? The Ottos are faced with their very own college admission scandal with one of their own children, and that’s all we can reveal for now.

Fun fact: Youngest daughter Anna-Kat is played by Julia Butters, who can also be seen in Oscar-contender Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

American Housewife S4 starts on Saturday 1 February on M-Net (101) at 17:00

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