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Hang on to your crown – American Princess has all the outfits of a period piece, but all the sass of a very modern comedy.

Bride-to-be Amanda Klein (Aussie actress Georgia Flood) sees her ceremony – and life – fall apart when she catches her groom “in flagrante” right before they’re meant to swap vows. And she finds a new start – in a renaissance faire, of all places.

Sounds preposterous, right? That’s because it kinda is. American Princess is categorised as a dramedy, but the only drama comes from drama queen Amanda … and even that’s downright hilarious. But imagine if you were in her shoes. She’s had a nervous breakdown. She’s on the front page of tabloids. And she doesn’t know where she stands.

That’s why the world of the renaissance faire is perfect for Amanda. No internet, newspapers, cellphone reception or television. Just ye olde-fashioned life as a tavern wench. And that’s not a slight – Amanda becomes the faire’s newest wench-in-waiting.

American Princess is the perfect guilty pleasure show. “There is nothing deep about this show. It is ridiculous. I think that is what makes it great,” says PasteMagazine’s TV writer Keri Lumm. “If you like Real Housewife-type shows, this is right up your alley. The difference is, it’s scripted. The trainwrecks that happen are crafted, no one’s life is actually ruined. This gives you that same base level voyeurism without watching real people do really dumb stuff.”

It’s executive-produced by Weeds and Orange Is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan.

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