Fans of the acclaimed crime drama The Missing are in for a treat as the creators have decided to give the redoubtable French detective his own series. With the new show now on DStv, we look at what viewers can expect from Baptiste.

  1. What is Baptiste about?
    Our detective is living in Amsterdam with his wife, helping with his daughter’s young family when an old flame (and local police commissioner) asks for his help in a missing persons case.
  2. What about the brain tumour surgery he underwent at the end of The Missing season two?
    Baptiste seems to have recovered well from the operation. His pride probably took the most damage.
  3. Is it a sequel to The Missing?
    While it follows on directly from the events of The Missing, this is a stand-alone series, following Julien Baptiste.
  4. Who stars in Baptiste?
    French actor Tchéky Karyo reprises his role as the acclaimed investigator, with Anastasia Hille also returning as his wife. Tom Hollander (The Night Manager) and Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) also feature.

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  1. Who created the show?
    Like The Missing, Baptiste is written by brothers Harry and Jack Williams.
  2. Where was it shot?
    Set in Amsterdam, the show was also filmed in Deal in Kent and Antwerp in Belgium.
  3. Is there a real-life inspiration behind the story?
    Baptiste’s character is based on a real-life French detective, a family friend of the Williams brothers.
  4. Will there ever be a season three of The Missing?
    The Williams brothers have not ruled a third season out and have indicated that it would be set in a completely new world, without Detective Baptise.
  5. How many episodes in Baptiste?
    It’s a six-part series.
  6. Could there be another season?
    A second season has already been discussed but if it’s greenlighted, it won’t air until next year at the earliest.

Watch Baptiste on Sundays on BBC First (119) at 20:00.
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