Black Monday S2 launched on our screens back in April, but had to go on a break halfway through May after episode 6 thanks to a lengthy lockdown production break in the US. The series is back again from Monday, 20 July. Here’s what you missed… and what to expect next.

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From Moses to Mole

The FBI have put the squeeze on Mo (Don Cheadle) playing into his desire for revenge on his former trading partners, Dawn (Regina Hall) and Blair (Andrew Rannells), the new heads of investment bank AmeriSavings.

Blair double-crossed Mo, ripped him off and then (along with Dawn) fired him at the end of S1, leaving him facing charges of financial terrorism for his role in the 1987 stock market crash – the Black Monday of the show’s title.

Mo returned later in S2 claiming that his FBI task team leader, Connie (Xosha Roquemore), was really a Nigerian princess with money to splash about, and he weaselled his way into Blair and Dawn’s company, TBD (The Blair Dawn group), using Connie’s cash. He has now established himself as the FBI’s mole inside TBD. But when Mo finds out about Blair’s insider trading scheme in episode 7, he’ll have to figure out whether he wants to take down Dawn along with her partner. There’s still a little something there between them.

She’s the boss

Dawn was beating her head against the glass ceiling at the start of S2. Until now, her plans for a feminist, black-run investment firm have been roadblocked at every turn by sexism both inside her own company and the outside media. How many times are magazines going to run flattering profile pieces on the firm – using Blair as the spokesman and face of the group?

“It’s been great to play a character that’s ploughing through. She knows she’s not going to get the credit for myriad reasons, but mostly because she’s female. A lot of the things we talk about in the show, we are still battling today. Even Wall Street is still a predominantly male environment. Things have changed, but in 30 years it hasn’t changed as much as one would think,” says Regina.

Dawn is facing a bigger battle than even Mo had to fight as a black man who came from nothing to take over the starched shirt white-male Wall Street world. But she isn’t wilting in the face of the arrogance, mediocrity and prejudice of people who’ve done The Least to get where they are, while she has had to do The Most. “For Dawn, it's exciting because it's about winning. She's a winner. She's competitive and, in her mind, she's smart and persuasive, and she's driven to make a lot of money," says Regina. “She's very driven towards success, and Wall Street is a world where there aren't many women who are afforded the opportunity to have success.” If Dawn has learned anything on Wall Street, it’s that battles are won when you enemies don’t even realise there’s a war.

By episode 6, Dawn needed Mo and his money to make even more money and achieve a higher success. But she also had to weigh up her priorities when her mom (Vanessa Bell Calloway) brought her $30 million in the form of Marcus Wainwright III’s (Dulé Hill) scholarship fund money. Dawn had to decide whether to allow Marcus to make a high-risk investment with her, potentially putting the future education of young black Americans at risk. And kids, this is a comedy!


Happy Halloween

Episode 7 launches us into the second half of the season with colour and humour, thanks to a Halloween party at the TBD offices. It’s that classic scenario where people relax and reveal too much of themselves from behind the safety of a mask or ridiculous outfit. It also heightens the show’s ’80s styling as everyone bops about wearing period references. We spot a Top Gun pilot, Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors, Mo is dressed as Eddie Murphy in Coming To America, still-closeted Blair is dressed as Faith-era George Michael (who only came out as gay in 1998) and Dawn is dressed as the slinky, sexy cartoon Jessica Rabbit, red Veronica Lake hairdo and all.

“There’s a dance off. I laughed really hard seeing everyone in their costumes. It’s so much fun. We know it’s serious, but we get to make fun of it all. Even the movies in the ’80s, I enjoyed those movies, but we poke fun at what they state and how far we’ve come. Even the terms we used then, we would never say now. We’ve had this slow growth of awareness,” says Regina.


In this Halloween episode, red is still Dawn’s power colour, as it has been from the moment she returned in her red outfit in the S2 premiere. Jessica Rabbit aside, series costume designer Melissa Bruning wanted to keep Dawn fashion-forward this season as symbol of her success. “No matter where you look in the room, you look at her. That’s what she wanted. That’s how she was feeling. We tried to give her a power colour punch when she was really feeling like the boss.’

“With Regina, we started going into colour blocking. And because we’re moving into the early ’90s, I wanted to work in that early-’90s blocked-colouring that was so powerful and bold. She loved it. She was like, ‘Dawn’s a boss and this is my signature boss look.’ Once we honed in on that, I was able to look in thrift stores and Etsy and costume houses to find things that really gave that a punch,” reveals Melissa. 

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