This brand-new law drama’s going to draw you in

Bluff City Law, M-Net’s latest legal series, is more than just about winning trials – it’s also about human emotions, family strife and the back story behind every case. 

The other name for Memphis is Bluff City – it’s the place where blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll were born and were Elvis’s home can be found. It’s also the setting for a brand-new M-Net legal procedural. Father and daughter Elijah and Sydney are both lawyers who once worked in the same law firm. Elijah’s highly thought of in the city, a man who has fought injustice all his life and who has made a real impact on the citizens, a legend in his own right.

His daughter, however, might beg to differ. Their damaged relationship is largely based on the fact that Elijah cheated on Sydney’s mother – the consequences of which are revealed later in the series. When Sydney’s mother, a respected philanthropist, dies unexpectedly, Sydney has no choice but to return to the practice she left so acrimoniously and, for the sake of her deceased mom’s memory, try to make things work with her father.

Created by Dick Wolf (who brought you Law & Order and all the Chicago series), this is no straight-forward law show – it’s also about emotions, people’s struggles, a fractured family and social justice. It’s guaranteed to actually make you feel – and maybe even shed a tear or two. Fans of John Grisham novels will definitely find something to love in the compelling plots and storylines.

Jimmy Smits, who plays Elijah, is no stranger to law series – you’ll remember him as attorney Victor Sifuentes in LA Law, and also as Detective Bobby Simone in NYPD Blue and Matthew Santos in The West Wing.

Caitlin McGee, who appeared in Grey’s Anatomy as Liz Brosniak and in Chicago Med as Hannah, plays Sydney Strait.

Look out for the topical episode titled “When the Levee Breaks”, which stars Stranger Things actress Priah Ferguson as a schoolgirl who wants to sue the US government for not doing anything about climate change and preventing global warming.

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