Picking up a year on from the events of Season 1, the bond between Bishop and Pike remains, yet it’s impossible to mask the damage caused by some of last year’s testing cases.

In this job, it’s up to those left behind to pick up the pieces and put them back together again, which is exactly what ‘best mates’ Bishop and Pike are now trying to do - until they’re dragged into their most dangerous case yet.

Set a reminder

What starts out as a routine sting morphs into something far more dangerous for Bishop, Pike and the rest of the team as they are sucked into the dangerous world of undercover policing. Bishop and Pike’s pasts will collide and their moral codes will be tested in a tense, heart-stopping game of ‘cat and mouse’ with the Markides - a notorious and elusive Greek Cypriot crime family with connections that spread far beyond the borders of London and the UK.

Bishop and Pike will travel the country and around Europe in pursuit of justice, bringing their entire team into the line of fire in the process. Staying undercover will push the boys to breaking point, and the lines between good and evil, friend and foe, will become confused. Can good policemen pass themselves off as even better criminals? Only time will tell.

Packed full of ‘Bulletproof’ humour, thrilling action and heartfelt emotion, Bulletproof Season 2 packs a punch and takes no prisoners. Strap yourselves in!

New season, old problems

Episode 1

A chance discovery propels Bishop and Pike deep undercover, and they soon find themselves at the heart of a notorious international crime family. After an action-paced sting results in the seizure of drug money worth a million pounds, Bishop and Pike set about tracing who the money belongs to in an effort to thwart those responsible for an orchestrated drugs drought, designed to strangle the market. Meanwhile, the Unit are under the watchful eye of the new ‘by-the-book’ Deputy Director, Richard Cockridge.

Episode 2

When Bishop gets swept up in a gangland murder, Pike tasks the Unit with finding the killer. At the same time, both men are welcomed deeper into the Markides family - and Bishop grows closer to leader of the pack, Alex Markides, and his daughter, Anna. New recruits to the Unit, Scooch and Paige, investigate the grisly death of a young girl, with links to the Markides. Tanner starts to swat over a questionable decision to steal a sum of ‘drug’ money to fix a problem in her personal life.

Episode 3

The search for a missing girl leads Bishop and Pike to Amsterdam, where they find themselves at the heart of a large people-trafficking operation headed up by the Markides. While there, family tensions between Alex, Mikey and Elena start to show and the Unit are determined to exploit it. However, when the Dutch police refuse to play ball, Bishop and Pike must take the law into their own hands in order to keep their case against the Markides alive.

Episode 4

Alex regains control of the family after the fallout from Amsterdam. Bishop and Pike ramp up their investigation as Mikey tasks them with overseeing the hostile takeover of a gun factory outside of London. Out of their natural habitat, Bishop and Pike are soon faced with a highly-trained and dangerous enemy – a unit of disenfranchised army veterans. However, with the Unit’s help, Bishop and Pike put a stop to the gun-trafficking operation. But at what cost?

Episode 5

Suspicions grow as Elena Markides – Tanner’s old nemesis – looks into Bishop’s identity, forcing Tanner to go on the front foot. Bishop and Pike search for a lead in Cyprus and find an ally in the unlikeliest of places – a renegade police officer determined to put a stop to the Markides. However, when their only lead kills himself, Bishop and Pike are at a loss…but things can always get worse. A shocking climax paves the way for Bishop and Pike’s cover to be blown, putting them in serious danger.

Episode 6

Bishop and Pike’s real identities are revealed, which has far-reaching consequences for the Unit. With the clock family against them, Tanner must go head-to-head with Elena in a battle of wills in order to find out where Alex and Mikey are holding Bishop and Pike prison before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Bishop and Pike brave the unforgiving countryside in a desperate attempt to stay alive. A shocking climax leaves one of the Unit dead, and the rest shattered.

Episode 7

With the Unit at their lowest ebb and Bishop burning for revenge, all seems lost. With the Markides gone to ground, the case looks all but dead. When Pike’s daughter, Ali, is caught up in a gang war on the streets, Pike shuns the Markides case to focus on his family, creating tension between him and Bishop. Meanwhile, Tanner is struck off by interfering new boss, Cockridge. Refusing to give up, Bishop desperately searches for a tantalising lead on the Markides, resulting in one last opportunity to bring them down.

Episode 8

With Tanner out of the picture and Cockridge assuming control, the Unit go off-book in effort to bring down Alex and Mikey Markides once and for all. But when an action-packed raid goes disastrously wrong, the Unit are left empty-handed. However, when a wedge is driven between Alex and Mikey Markides, Bishop and Pike have the opening they need. One by one, the Markides start to full – but will Bishop finally get his man?

Bulletproof S2 starts Monday, 10 August at 20:00 on Universal TV (DStv 117).

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