Fans of the three different but related Chicago trilogy series can now sit back and watch back-to-back episodes per series on M-Net (101) on Chicago Tuesdays as part of a bumper feature night presentation of award-winning showrunner Dick Wolf’s hit trio of shows, centred on the work and personal lives of the first responders in the city of Chicago.

Prepare for the cross-overs

Not only are Tuesdays officially dedicated to the hit franchise, but fans will be thrilled to hear that there are some intriguing cross-overs on the cards. Tracy-Ann van Rooyen, M-Net’s Head of Acquisitions and Scheduling explained what Chi-hards (yes, it’s officially their name) can expect in terms of cross-overs and links between the three series: “What happens is that cross-over episodes put heroic characters from different shows together. But now the creator of the Chicago series, Dick Wolf, has gone one step further and is making the storylines do a full arc over different episodes of different shows.”

“Dick Wolf so whole-heartedly believes in these criss-crossing story arcs,”

Tracy-Ann van Rooyen, M-Net’s Head of Acquisitions and Scheduling.

A new kind of binge-watching

The three-episode cross-over event later in the seasons has a story arc that kicks off in Chicago Fire, continues into Chicago Med and culminates in Chicago P.D. In the fourth episode of Chicago Fire, the firefighters and paramedics at Firehouse 51 will battle the outbreak of an unknown flesh-eating bacteria, after which the medical staff in Chicago Med will discover that someone deliberately released the pathogen as they struggle to find a cure. After that, the men and women in blue from Chicago P.D. will be tasked with hunting down the perpetrator.

“Basically, you now get to watch a multi-hour movie, a made-for-TV movie. You literally no longer have to wait until tomorrow to see how it all ends. You can just sit back for the full three hours and get the whole story,” Tracey-Ann continues.


The cross-over idea all started when Chicago franchise creator Dick Wolf scraped his foot. When the cut on Wolf’s foot appeared to be infected, a doctor swabbed it, but Wolf wasn’t leaving it there. He then pressed the doctor about the wound when the doctor responded by saying Strep and staph (infectious bacteria). Wolf then responded: “I said, ‘What? I haven’t been in a hospital and he casually said, ‘oh they’re out there.’” With the spark now firmly ignited, Wolf contacted Chicago Fire’s executive producer Derek Haas to come up with a story that will serve all three series and the rest is history!

Chicago Fire season 8 starts on Tuesday 25 February on M-Net (101) at 20:00

Chicago Med season 5 starts on Tuesday 25 February on M-Net (101) at 21:00

Chicago PD season 7 starts on Tuesday 25 February on M-Net (101) at 22:00

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