The crew of the time-travelling ship the Waverider have their work cut out for them in S5 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as they zigzag across time, fixing time quakes (the fancy word for fixing timelines that have gone wrong). The new season is history heavy, says executive producer Phil Klemmer. “Our challenge was finding historical villains that you could still have fun with. Because there are some baddies where there’s no way of encountering them and finding a Legends episode [for them]. For us, dealing with notions like fame and social influencers, we wanted to find those charismatic baddies. We do have our straight-up psychopaths as well.”

When the new season starts on Saturday, 20 June, the Legends will be caught up in the huge Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover episode with Supergirl, Batwoman, Arrow and The Flash. It’s only from episode 2 that the Legends team will be getting down to work on fixing time lines and stopping historical figures from altering time. Here are five time tamperers we can expect to meet…


Grigori Rasputin

First up is the crazy Russian monk Grigori Rasputin (Michael Eklund). The team receive an alert that something has gone wrong in Russia 1917, where they travel to encounter the evil Rasputin. Fresh from Hell and gifted with immortality and supernatural powers like mesmerism, Rasputin is plotting revenge against his former benefactors, the royal Romanov family, and wants to take over the country. The Legends have one goal: dragging him back to Hell, which they do in a wonderfully disgusting way – kind of a “Thanos gambit”. Rasputin is certainly not your everyday maniac. “One of the things that I like to do, and one of the things that challenges me and interests me, is the complexity of the character,” says Michael.


Bugsy Siegel

The team find themselves in jazzy 1947, where notorious mobster Bugsy Siegel (Jonathan Sadowski) is still alive and well. Damsel-in-distress Jeanie Hill (Haley Strode) wants to get away from her dangerous beau, Bugsy, but is worried that he’ll kill her if she leaves him. Legend Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) gives her money to go into hiding, only to spot her later with Bugsy. Leaving won’t solve her problems, she explains, because Bugsy has compromising photos of powerful men, which feature her as the bait. Smooth-talking Legend Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) decides to turn the tables on Bugsy and lure him into a trap in which he is to be gunned down by his enemies. But Bugsy, who’s fresh out of Hell and sporting a Hell gun himself, can simply brush off the bullets. It’ll be up to Legend Constantine (Matt Ryan) to drag Bugsy back to Hell.


Marie Antoinette

A glitch in the timeline alerts the crew of the Waverider that something bad has happened in revolutionary France 1793. Dressed in classy vintage French outfits, they head over to Paris, only to find Marie Antoinette’s (Courtney Ford) head hasn’t been chopped off yet. She is back in all her flair, throwing fancy parties. But you don’t want to be on her guest list. “Instead of chopping people’s heads off in revenge, [we thought] it would be a more nuanced revenge where she would create this nightmarish bloodthirsty party that never stopped,” explains Phil. The Legends discover that Marie has magical perfume that she uses on her enemies. The only way to stop the nightmare might be Madame Guillotine!


Genghis Khan

The founder of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan (Terry Chen) escapes from Hell and arrives in modern 1997 Hong Kong. Although time has passed, Genghis still wants to conquer the globe, and he plans on using the modern tools at his disposal. His first plan of action is to take control of the triads (Chinese mafia). Genghis shows up at a triad-controlled teahouse that the Legends are staking out and things go sideways when they want to capture and sedate him. The Legends discover that Genghis wants to kill a royal and plans to do so by using a new fleet of “horses” he had the triad build for him: scooters! It’s a brilliant episode, seeing Genghis riding down the streets with his men on scooters. “A motorbike is a modern-day horse,” says Genghis in the episode. Will the Legends need to team up with the traffic cops to end this roaring, hooting rampage?


William Shakespeare

Not all the time quakes are bad, some are fun. The gang find themselves in 16th-century England where William Shakespeare (Rowan Schlosberg) is putting the final touches to his latest tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. After meeting one of the Legends (Ray), William wants to turn the story into a superhero story. Sara isn’t impressed and tells Ray to fix “the problem”. In the end, the bard comes to his senses and completes the tragedy as it’s supposed to be. Meanwhile, the Waverider team perform the play of Romeo and Juliet on the ship, with Constantine (Matt Ryan) as Romeo and Zari (Tala Ashe) as Juliet. “We wanted to just give Matt Ryan and Tala Ashe a chance to do Romeo and Juliet because both of them are very accomplished Shakespearean actors,” says Phil. “This is an example of how small-stakes Legends can be, because we really spend a huge portion of the episode just trying to put on a Shakespeare play and help Will find his pen again.”

Watch DC Legends of Tomorrow S5 from Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 21:40

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