For five years, web designer Jules, played by 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings, dedicated her entire life to keeping her boyfriend, Jeremy (Connor Hines), happy in new comedy Dollface. She was so consumed in her romance that she abandoned her mates and she didn’t bother forming any meaningful friendships at work because she thought that she’d “hang out” with Jeremy forever. So she’s gobsmacked when he dumps her in the pilot episode. “I don’t love you anymore,” he nervously says while they’re having brunch.

Jules is as confused as she is disappointed. Where to from here? Quite frankly, she doesn’t have a social life or an identity without him. The wedding she’d been preparing for all year happens to be his sister’s, and the jersey that she’s wearing during their break-up belongs to him. It’s as if her existence revolves around her Jeremy.

While coming to terms with her devastating break-up, Jules’s strange and oh-so hilarious imagination travels to another dimension. She begins to see weird visions whenever she’s in an uncomfortable situation or overcome with emotion. For example, minutes after Jeremy leaves her at a parking lot following their split, she gets on a bus. Not just any bus. It’s driven by Cat Lady (Beth Grant) – an old wise woman with an actual giant cat head who becomes a cross between Jules’s fairy godmother and her inner voice (or just the crazy cat lady future that supposedly awaits single women).

Cat Lady pushes Jules to make better choices and guides her to make amends with her varsity besties, Madison (Brenda Song) and Stella (Shay Mitchell), who she’d neglected when she started dating Jeremy.

Throughout the season, viewers get a front-row seat to Jules’s crazy thoughts. It isn’t clear whether the events are real or just taking place in her mind. We witness all the embarrassing and mad moments she imagines while trying to juggle her new reality as a single woman who’s also attempting to build healthy friendships.

A bus tour to recovery

When Jules climbs on the bus in the first episode, she’s met with crying and distressed women as passengers, who like her, are going through a break-up. There are two stops that they should avoid on their way to a friendship terminal, which is meant to cure their heartbreak. One is becoming a guys’ girl, a woman who watches sports and drinks beer to try forget about romance. The other is Rebound Town – women who end their journey there just enter relationships for the sake of it. Jules doesn’t stop at either of the two – she wants to reach the friendship stop where everything seems happier and brighter. She finally lands at her destination but there’s an issue. There aren’t any friends waiting for her at the emotional baggage claim because all her friendships have expired. She now has one choice: beg her old pals to take her back, or risk growing old alone with cats as the only people she talks to.

Picking sides

Once Jules manages to convince Madison and Stella to give her another shot at friendship, she quickly realises that keeping female friendships is much trickier than she’d anticipated. Unlike with Jeremy’s guy friends, Jules’s besties are always at each other’s throats. And she constantly finds herself caught between their arguing, particularly in episode 2. Jules reveals during their weekly Sunday brunch date that Jeremy let himself into their apartment to watch an NFL football match without running it past her. Madison suggests that Jules move out and finds another apartment, while Stella thinks that Jules should leave the country all together and travel the world. The women go back and forth, bickering and screaming at each other. Feeling overwhelmed, Jules imagines the table breaking in two. The one half is towards Madison’s direction, while the other is moving towards Stella. And in the middle, there’s a fiery pit below, which describes Jules’s emotions. She feels helpless as she doesn’t want to hurt either of her friends by siding with the other.

Suffering public humiliation

Before Jules can fully get over Jeremy, she goes through different stages of break-up recovery: the first is denial, followed by anger, then stalking and finally, acceptance. She’s in the third phase in episode 7, and finds herself going through Jeremy’s new girlfriend Melyssa’s (Camilla Belle) Instagram page. Not so long after, Jules accidentally likes a picture of Melyssa’s grandmother from 342 weeks ago. In panic, she unlikes it and likes it again before throwing her cellphone across the room. Eventually, she collects her thoughts and rings Cat Lady, who is now a call centre assistant, for advice. “That’s a disaster! Burn your phone and then kill yourself,” says a flabbergasted Cat Lady. To help calm the storm, Cat Lady sends two paramedics who barge into Jules’s apartment and force her into a body bag of embarrassment.

Catching feelings

Following Jules’s Instagram mishap in episode 7, Madison talks her into getting a fling or in her words a Hot JOT – Just One Thing. The potential suitor should be attractive enough for Jules to have as much fun as possible with, but there should be one thing that’s so wrong with him that Jules can never be tempted to fall for him. She manages to find Ryan (Derek Theler) at a second-hand car store. His one thing: he’s a LEGO collector. After a few nights with Ryan, Jules realises that she has feelings for him and goes to a doctor for a check-up. “You’ve caught something. Feelings, for the guy you’re hooking up with,” says the doc, who gives Jules a pamphlet titled “just say no to him making you breakfast”. The doctor advises Jules to refrain from seeing Ryan for a few weeks. A cooling off period? It’s Cat Lady approved… but happily we don’t have to stop seeing Dollface.

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