Dating reality show A Shot Of Love With Pauly D and Vinny is back, baby! But this time the Jersey Shore besties Pauly “Pauly D” DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino won’t be searching through another 20 women to find true love. They’re just looking for a good time.

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If at first you don’t succeed

In S1, Pauly D and Vinny dated a group of 20 women, and they were each set to choose one of the ladies at the end of the season. But despite Pauly D’s connection with social media influencer Nikki Hall, he chose to leave the mansion alone. And while Vinny chose model Alysse Joyner, they were dead in the water by the reunion show.

Vinny blamed the show’s social media lockdown period between filming and airing the show, which kind of required that he “ghost” his new girlfriend for 5 months. “What if I start texting her and then my phone gets stolen? You start to get a little irrational with it, especially a show as popular as this one. The stakes were so high that we were told to keep the contact as minimal as possible,” he told the studio audience. Alysse wasn’t having any of it, though. She claimed that he had no trouble flouting that “rule” for the first few weeks, but then lost interest. And Pauly admitted that Vinny was a terrible communicator who sometimes didn’t even text him back.

That’s bad blood under the bridge now. This time around, the Jersey Boys have invited 6 of the women they dated in S1 to party with them in Las Vegas, where Pauly D has DJing gigs and Vinny has his exotic dancing residency with The Chippendales. While they live with Pauly D and Vinny in a luxury penthouse, the ladies will be working as waitresses and party promoters at Pauly D and Vinny’s jobs. The drama is baked in and things are going to get awkward when some of the exes start catching feelings for Pauly D and Vinny again. But ladies, we think they’re taken…

The greatest love

The greatest love story to come out of A Double Shot Of Love isn’t with any of the ladies but with Pauly D and Vinny. They care about each other, they’re each other’s support systems and most of all, they finish each other’s sentences – an ultimate bromance. “We wouldn’t have it any other way. This guy and I are the complete opposites but we go so well together,” says Vinny. “I’m white, he is orange. I don’t have hair and he has this blowout. I don’t wear any jewellery and he’s walking around with the entire jewellery store on him,” jokes Vinny about his 11-year friendship with his spray-tanned pal Pauly D. Here’s the bromance you can expect from the pair this season:

They love working together

When Pauly D and Vinny were approached by the producers in 2018 to film a dating show together, it was a no-brainer. They pounced on the chance to spend more time together. “It’s a perfect combination because Pauly D and I have always been keen on having our own show. It makes sense to do Double Shot At Love together because we’re also single and I’m an avid Bachelor fan. I mean, I love dating shows, so just the two things combined is perfect timing and it worked out,” adds reality show star, Vinny.

They are each other’s wingman

When Nikki arrives at the penthouse in episode 2, Pauly D is taken aback to say the least. Although he was informed by the producers that she’d also be arriving, seeing her brings back old memories. However, Nikki is still angry at him for dumping her without a warning so for 4 straight episodes, she gives him the coldest shoulder.

To salvage the situation, Vinny tries to sweet talk Nikki into making amends with Pauly D. Meanwhile, Vinny is also having trouble with his ex-fling, actress and YouTuber Maria Elizondo, who’s also giving him the silent treatment. With his charming smile and confidence, Pauly D walks over to Maria to try clear the air between her and his best friend. “I set you up for success,” says Pauly D, while reporting back to Vinny.

They’re the ultimate BFFs

Friends that get ready together, stay ready together. In the first episode 1, Pauly D and Vinny iron their shirts at the same time while they get ready to go clubbing. They also have most of their meals together, breakfast being the most important as they get to gossip and catch up with each other. “We’re both funny, you know. He’s funny looking and I’m real funny. Our friendship is stronger than it’s ever been. I talk to this guy every single day,” says Pauly D.

When Pauly D prepares to leave the penthouse for a couple of days in episode 3 for work, Vinny tries to fit himself in his bag and begins to whine. “Take me with you. I’m going to miss you,” while sad music plays in the background. Awww! They’re just so… married.

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