What started out in 2005 as a series about a group of inexperienced surgical interns who embarked on a medical journey at Seattle Grace Hospital, is now a fully-fledged medical drama 15 years on. Through countless heart-wrenching stories we’ve watched these interns develop into the experienced doctors we know onscreen today and there’s no way they are leaving us anytime soon. As season 16 makes its way to our shores, let’s recap what happened last season.

Season 15 throwback

  • This season started with the doctors all vying for a new position, but this didn’t last long as new outside doctors were hired, which naturally caused some shake-ups and upsets. We also saw Meredith bond with a patient who specialises in matchmaking and how this prompted her to start dating again. Maggie faced some uphill battles mostly to do with her keeping secrets, and Alex and Jo tried their very best to keep their love alive.
  • Midway through the season, Jackson and Catherine both came to terms with Catherine’s tumour diagnosis – she went ahead with the surgery performed by Amelia and Koracick. And keeping with America’s current political themes, the nightmare the hospital faced after gunfire at a parade had multiple injured patients flooding the hospital in need of medical care.

A look into season 16

  • At the end of the season 15, Meredith and Alex attempted to save Gus, while every doctor was forced to face complications in their personal lives, something they are no stranger to. And episode 1 of season 16 kicks off right here, when Bailey fires Meredith, Richard and Alex for insurance fraud.
  • If you thought you’d cried enough tears in past seasons then think again, because a few episodes in and the doctors’ race to save their colleagues after a car crash at a bar.
  • There’s also been hints that Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), who left the series in season 10, would return for this season, but fans will have to wait and see as showrunners are keeping mum.

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