Shades of Scandinavia on DStv with Greyzone

Bleak and brooding, intelligent and stylish, Scandi thriller Greyzone is coming to M-Net to colour your world view every shade of grey. 

If scenes of sombre urban skylines, complexities of cutting-edge technology, gripping criminal investigations and suitably stark yet attractive characters are your idea of excellent TV, then M-Net’s brand-new series Greyzone is the thriller you’ve been waiting for. Stylish Scandinavian crime dramas have fascinated international audiences for years – from the typically restrained, muted colour palettes to the gory crime scenes, Scandi noir manages to sate audiences’ desire for intelligent crime dramas.

More than just a crime drama

Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (Pitch Perfect 2 and Game of Thrones) stars as Victoria Rahbek, a talented software engineer at a Swedish tech company who specialises in drones. When terrorists abduct her to get their hands on some sensitive components for a planned attack, no-nonsense Swedish special agent Eva Forsberg (Tova Magnusson) and a team of investigators must race to prevent the attack and save Victoria and her young son.

See more of Birgitte Hjort Sørensen as Karsi in Season 5 of Game of Thrones. 

Greyzone is not your typical crime show. Sørensen notes that the simmering interactions between Victoria and her captor could be seen as the actual drama behind the series. “It almost becomes like a play because we’re confined in this small space, her apartment. He intrudes into her world and then they have to live together in this odd way,” she said in an interview for the Drama Quarterly online site.

Grey defined

The title refers to the Danish concept of moral ambiguity – that grey area that is neither white nor black, neither right nor wrong. Steering clear of the good-versus-evil trope, Greyzone explores the characters’ motives and intentions beyond the archetypes.

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