In dark comedy Guilt, brothers Jake and Max (Jamie Sives and Mark Bonnar) end up on the wrong side of the law after killing a man in a hit-and-run. The more the ex-musician Jake and his lawyer brother try to bury their secret, the more trouble they find. It’s a fun premise with a witty script and humour so dry it makes the desert look like an oasis.

Guilt is one of those hidden gems that crime fans should tune in for, says Jed Mercurio of The Guardian: “What elevates Guilt – besides the artful direction, eye-catching production design and a killer soundtrack – is the rich river of black humour that bubbles through it. Writer Neil Forsyth has mapped out a tense noir story that spirals out in unexpected directions while reliably lacing the whole thing with withering one-liners. It has some of the same coiled energy as the Fargo TV adaptation.”

Anita Singh of the Daily Telegraph writes: “[Guilt] delivered where so many others have failed: the acting was superb, the writing whip smart. The twists kept coming. It was deliciously, darkly funny, the Coen brothers by way of Leith.

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