We have a pulse! Harrow is back for a new season

Forensic pathologist Daniel Harrow is alive (if not quite kicking just yet) in a brand-new season of Australian drama series, Harrow. 

After season one’s cliffhanger saw Daniel Harrow was shot in the chest by an unseen gunman, fans may be wondering if the handsome forensic pathologist survived. The good news is, season two of the Aussie crime series opens with Daniel waking up after an induced coma.


But there’s a lot on Harrow’s shoulders. First off, who tried to kill him? A bunch of dead roses delivered to his hospital room is just the first crumb on a creepy trail. Then he receives a threatening anonymous phone call. The cat and mouse chase to find his would-be murderer is on!

If you haven’t seen the first season, it was revealed that the hotshot pathologist crossed over to the dark side in an act of retribution, killing his daughter’s stepfather in a heated argument when he found out about the repeated abuse she’d endured at his evil hands. Harrow was about to be arrested, but his colleague covered for him. These things have a tendency to come back to bite you though …

Making friends at the office

Of course, no crime drama is complete without a little romance. Once discharged from the hospital, Harrow meets a gorgeous woman at a bar. After spending the night together on his boat, they both head to the same place of work! Cue formal introductions to Dr Grace Molyneux, the newest pathologist to join the team at the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine, and Fairley’s niece.

Ioan Gruffudd, who stars as Harrow (and also starred in Fantastic Four and UnReal), says his character is a completely different man in the second season: “He's vulnerable and doesn't quite understand what's happening anymore”. It doesn’t look like it’s about to get any easier either, as Harrow will face a loss at work this season too. Could he go from rogue to ruin? Find out in season two.

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