Hudson & Rex: Partners in crime

When a German Shepard and a detective partner up, the bad guys don’t stand a chance in this new police procedural on Universal TV.

John Reardon is Charlie Hudson, an on the beat crime detective from St. John’s Police Department and he’s just been assigned a new partner, a four-legged crime fighter named Rex. After the death of his former human partner, Rex was scheduled to be euthanised but was saved when he’s partnered with Hudson. Before the new partners catch some bad guys, they form a bond of trust and then get down to the business of solving crimes in the picturesque town of St. Johns.

The police procedural drama is based on the hit Austrian cop show Inspector Rex which focused on the dog, whereas in Hudson & Rex, the drama unfolds between a cast of five. If you were a fan of the series The Littlest Hobo back in the 80s, you will definitely love this light-hearted show, and of course, all dog lovers will be thrilled with the awesome antics of this talented canine.

Just as portrayed in the series, man and dog share a close bond in real life – a bond which started way before filming began. John says it was important for him to bond with his co-star Rex, played by Diesel vom Burgimwald (yes, that is his full name). “I spent four days just getting time with him, working with him, so that I can have him know that I’m somebody that he can trust,” says John.

This is the fourth time John starred alongside an animal. First, he worked with a pig co-star in Merlin’s Apprentice, a polar bear in Arctic Air and then a Great Dane in Love on the Sidelines.

Diesel, the Alsatian, makes his first TV debut as Rex and viewers who have watched the Austrian version of the show will be pleased to know that he’s a descendent of the dog who starred in Kommissar Rex.

Canadian John, a former university football player, starred in a string of movies and series including Son of the Dragon and his most recent role in the time-travel series Continuum.

Hudson & Rex starts on Tuesday 22 October on Universal TV (117) at 20:00.
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