The risqué (and warning: violent) new crime noir drama series Jett with Carla Gugino, is about a natural born thief. A beautiful one. Just out of prison, the world-class thief Daisy “Jett” Kowalski” is essentially forced back into doing what she does best – stealing – by a group of eccentric and dangerous crooks who are adamant to exploit her exceptional skills for themselves. Her first not-above-board assignment is stealing a ring in Cuba in the first episode… when tragedy strikes. “Jett is nothing if not practical and tactical. It’s always interesting to have someone who is so good at planning contingencies and potential scenarios be put in situations where at some point, that will all go out the window,” says Sebastian Gutierrez, the director, writer and executive producer of M-Net’s latest crime series.

“She is a criminal, she is excellent at what she does and that’s all she’s ever wanted to do. The idea was: What if Carla Gugino could play that character?”

Sebastian also notes that Jett quite easily finds herself in unfamiliar terrain which puts her at a disadvantage when things do go wrong. But Jett’s so used to improvising and fixing her problems which makes her the master criminal she is. And then there’s the “big bad” – the villain Miljan Bestic (Greg Bryk) who shows up at the end of the first episode to become Jett’s big adversary. Knowing about Jett’s daughter, he forces her to secretly work for him, while she pretends to work for her “original” crime boss Charlie (Giancarlo Esposito).

“For the first time in her life she has this outside presence of a person, someone is going to be this puppet master and call the shots for her,” says Sebastian. About her character in the 9-episode series which plays like a wonderful crime novel, Carla says “she’s just gotten out of prison, she’s trying to figure out how to live a straight life”, but then gets pulled back into her old life.

Watch Jett season 1 on Wednesdays from 19 February on M-Net (101) at 22:00

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