Ben Kingsley is stunningly good in Perpetual Grace LTD S1

To conman James, Pastor Byron Brown and his wife, Lillian – known to their parishioners as Pa and Ma – look like soft targets. But he’ll soon find out that they’re a whole lot more dangerous than they appear in Perpetual Grace LTD, now streaming first on Showmax!

The cast has some pretty big names in it: the pastor is played by Oscar-winner Sir Ben Kingsley, while Lillian is played by Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver from Silver Linings Playbook. Luis Guzmán and Timothy Spall both appear in supporting roles. The hapless conman is portrayed by Emmy nominee Jimmi Simpson from Westworld, Black Mirror and House of Cards.

What the critics have to say:

This series has been described as “singularly strange” by critics, with saying “This is fantastic television, reminiscent of classic noirs and the way the Coen brothers played with the genre in works like Blood Simple and Fargo“, and the cast, in particular, has garnered praise.

Entertainment Weekly writes, “Guzmán is a desperate delight. Weaver looks like a maternal White Walker, and Kingsley is Sexy Beast-ing as one very dire wolf.”

The Hollywood Reporter writes, “Kingsley, in particular, seems to find himself in a kind of paradise of fantastic dialogue – like he’s been born to the oddly funny cadence of Pa and his blunt truisms,” and said he’s the “odds-on favourite to win the Emmy for best actor in 2020”.

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