In the sixth and final season of crime drama Power, former drug-dealer-turned-businessman James St. Patrick aka Ghost (Omari Hardwick) is headed for yet another nervous breakdown in episode 1. He’d just made amends with his childhood sweetheart and mistress Angela (Lela Loren) in the S5 finale and proclaimed his undying love for her, when seconds later, his angry best friend Tommy (Joseph Sikora) accidentally shot Angela while trying to murder Ghost.

While screaming, “Angie, Angie,” and covered in her blood, Ghost looked up and caught a glimpse of Tommy leaving the scene with a gun in his hand. Now, Ghost is on a quest to settle the score with Tommy. By the end of S6, one man will follow in Angela’s footsteps and land six feet under. May the best man win!

Throughout the series, Ghost has lost many loved ones as a result of his shady past – and this season will be no different. Here’s a breakdown of all the people who’ve suffered from his actions:


A bone to pick

While states attorney Angela was more than happy to continue her affair with Ghost after she learnt that he was married to Tasha (Naturi Naughton), her last straw was when she found out in S2 (2015) that he was the man that her team was trying to hunt down. She stood to lose her job, so he dumped him and their plans to run away into the sunset together were destroyed.


Biting the dust

Feeling betrayed, Angela painted a target on Ghost’s back. All she wanted was to see him behind bars. Her lucky break came when she found his fingerprints in her colleague and dead ex-boyfriend Greg’s (Andy Bean) apartment in S3 (2016). While Ghost was innocent and was actually in Greg’s apartment to get rid of evidence that linked him to another murder, he was sent to prison. Ghost’s marriage was further strained by the arrest and his kids no longer trusted him.


Dead man walking

During his prison stint in S4 (2017), Ghost made a frenemy in Tony Teresi, who killed an inmate on Ghost’s behalf. But when Ghost later won his appeal and was cleared of his charges, Tony considered working with the cops to implicate Ghost on his past murders. Ghost couldn’t afford to return to prison – and he didn’t want more blood on his hands, so he manipulated Tommy into killing his own dad, Tony. Ghost’s attempts to cover his drug past only land him in hot water with Tommy.


Like father, like son

Apart from losing the love of his life, Angela, Ghost’s relationship with his son, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr), was wrecked throughout S4. The teen couldn’t cope after he learnt that his hero father was New York’s most ruthless drug dealer. After that, Tariq went from being an A student to being destructive and joining a gang. When he tried to leave the thugs, they shot Tariq’s twin sister, Raina (Donshea Hopkins), to send a warning to the teen boy. Had Ghost been honest about who he is and revealed his ties to the drug business, Tariq would’ve never joined the gang in the first place.

Trouble with Tommy

Throughout the series, Ghost has escaped death multiple times. But with all the enemies he’s made, he might not make it out alive this time around. All along, Tommy has protected him from their former drug rivals. Seeing that they’re now at war, Ghost is in danger. It doesn’t help that Angela’s family, Tasha and Tariq are also gunning for his life. Ghost has two options this season: skip town and start afresh, or risk being in a casket.

Power S6 starts Tuesday, May on 1Magic (103at21:30 

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