This Cold War miniseries set in the 1950s follows Russian-born Samuel Petrukhin and his secret mission for Britain’s M15.

This British miniseries follows some shady machinations in Cold War politics. In 1958, tensions between East and West are at their height and the first hydrogen bomb is being tested.

A Russian-Jewish inventor living in Britain is recruited by MI5. He’s a respectable businessman selling hearing aids, but lives a double life that starts closing in on him. The series stars Toby Stephens, Timothy Spall and Keely Hawes.

“This cold-war drama has Stephen Poliakoff’s trademark stilted dialogue, odd acting and overload of posh houses – but this time, I want to watch more. The weird quirks of Poliakoff’s work give it a dreamy and disquieting feel,” writes Emine Saner of The Guardian.”

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