The “Arrowverse” superheroes are back on M-Net City (115) from Saturday, 25 April as Supergirl and The Flash prepare to speed into action, and Batwoman invades the Batcave to strike terror into the hearts of Gotham’s creepiest villains. Arrow is joining the battle a week later on Saturday, 2 May and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow will finally land their punch on Saturday, 20 June.

Supergirl S5 S1 starts on Saturday, 25 April on M-Net City (115) at 18:20  
Batwoman S1 starts on Saturday, 25 April on M-Net City (115) at 19:10 
The Flash S6 starts on Saturday, 25 April on M-Net City (115) at 20:00 
Arrow S8 starts on Saturday, 2 May on M-Net City (115) at 20:50 
DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S5 starts on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 21:40

PS: Production on Supergirl, Batwoman and The Flash has been halted around two thirds of the way through by the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Supergirl power-up

Supergirl starts with a huge emotional moment as Kara (Melissa Benoist) admits to her dearest friend, the (now) late Lex Luthor’s (Jon Cryer) sister Lena (Katie McGrath) that she is, in fact, Supergirl. This is not going to go down well, but Lena is going to brood over the information for quite a few episodes before lashing out in twisted Luthor fashion. While Lena murdered Lex at the end of S4, he’ll be given a second chance just before the crossover episode – and it’ll be his chance to be a hero. Following the crossover, Kara will be off to a shaky re-start thanks to a merger of different Earths, which will significantly change her reality. She’ll also get the opportunity for a do-over, which will allow her to change a past mistake. There are early warnings in the season that technology itself will be a Big Bad Villain to watch out for.

At the Bat

We caught our first glimpse of Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman during the Arrowverse crossover episode “Elseworlds” in 2019. Now with Batman having vanished from Gotham for three years, Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate is taking over the Batcave and the battle against Gotham’s most baroque villains, including Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and her Wonderland Gang. Gotham’s villains, whose primary tactic has been to kidnap the caped hero’s girlfriend, will be delighted to discover that there are still innocent girlfriends to kidnap, like Batwoman’s closeted bisexual ex, Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) – a high-ranking agent for security company The Crows, run by Kate’s dad Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott). But Batwoman’s biggest enemy will be someone close to home. And since every Bat needs their Pennyworth, Batwoman will get hers when Alfred’s inventive daughter Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe) comes along in episode 7. As well as combatting ordinary villains, Batwoman will often join the battle for social justice and gender equality.

News Flash

Barry and Iris worshippers, grab those tissues because episode 1 is a killer. Barry has lost his baby, his marriage and he starts the season knowing that he must sacrifice himself, too. But it sets Barry up to start training the people around him to take up his mantle after he’s gone. At first it seems that not even the Crisis On Infinite Earths can slow Barry down, and in episode 10 he will head to the island of Lian Yu to investigate a clue that he believes Oliver has left him. But during the crisis, Barry has done something to the Speed Force, and by episode 14 the effects will start kicking in, sending Barry on a mission to create an artificial version of his metahuman power.


Arrow’s final 10-episode time-hopping season promises to be a rough ride for fans. But it eases in with a fun but touching opening episode that sees Oliver taking a walk down memory lane as he sneaks around Earth-2 (which is roughly following the S1 timeline) pretending to be his past self. Aside from tragedy in the crossover episode, though, fans will get an early look at a possible Green Arrow spin-off that’s set in 2040, Green Arrow & The Canaries. As has happened with Supergirl and Batwoman, this will be another case of female characters only being brought forward once the lead male character has been taken off the storyboard. Find out in episode 9 how Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara) and the Canaries, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), wind up watching over Starling City.

Chillin’ with the villains

Supergirl’s Andrea

Fans will be booing the fake news as Andrea Rojaz (Julia Gonzalo), head of Obsidian, buys out CatCo Media and turns it from a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism beacon into clickbait central. Proof that you don’t have to lurk in an asylum to be an evildoer.

Batwoman’s Alice

Alice might seem normal one moment, and then completely bonkerballs the next. In a blink she can go from rich girl next door, to quoting Alice In Wonderland, to tossing someone off a building. And you never know from one moment to the next which Alice you will be dealing with. Alice is a true Gotham villain worthy of her very own room at Arkham Asylum. She’s a builder of layered plots and a sender of stuffed bats, and she really leans into that Alice In Wonderland theme with her calling cards and desire for tea parties with her enemies.

The Flash’s Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork

Sci-fi fans will recognise the mad scientist energy that Sendhil Ramamurthy brings to his role as Rosso. Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) old pal tampers with nature and winds up first creating a zombie. In his quest to cure his own blood-borne disease, he winds up draining citizens all over Starling City and turning them into more grovelling zombies – like Dracula in a white coat, before transforming himself into a “skull-headed blood monster”. And he takes over Barry’s consciousness with his infected blood, slowly merging their minds. Now that’s villainy with style!

Arrow’s new Deathstroke

Thanks to all the temporal juggling, this is getting twisty. Diggle's (David Ramsey) son JJ (Charlie Barnett) appears as the new Deathstroke at the end of episode 1… in the future. He quickly proves to be a chilling villain who can kill calmly, without batting an eyelash or making any fancy speeches. JJ comes off as a complete sociopath – but how did he turn out this way with a dad like Diggle?


Crisis crossover

The majority of the action until episode 9 in the new seasons of Arrow and The Flash will be setting the stage for the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover episode. The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett, who we met during the Elseworlds crossover) is gathering seven Paragons of Hope, or superheroes – Supergirl, The Flash (Grant Gustin), Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), Batwoman, White Canary (Caity Lotz), The Atom (Brandon Routh) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) – to unite on Earth-38, where they will take their stand to help prevent the Anti-Monitor from destroying all reality across the infinite universes.

The episodes promise a serious shake-up for Arrow fans, as it will completely reset the series timeline, and Oliver Queen will get a preview of the possible destruction in his season premiere when an anti-matter wave obliterates Earth-2 in front of him. Meanwhile, The Flash will begin his season believing that he will have to die to save the world during the event (which The Monitor warned him about at the end of S5). But with infinite universes as play, death might not be as final as it seems – or it might be. Prepare for shockers.

The crossover will be bringing in heroes from all over the multi-verse, resulting in a nerd-spotting who’s-who, including…

  • Tom Welling as the Smallville universe’s Clark Kent and Erica Durance as Lois Lane (alsoAlura Zor-El from Earth-38)
  • Kevin Conroy, the one and only voice of Batman in the animated series and computer games since 1992, as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Burt Ward, the original Robin/Dick Grayson from the 1960s Batman TV series, as Dick Grayson
  • Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (we won’t get a Black Lightning crossover episode this time)
  • Ashley Scott as Huntress from the BirdsOf Prey TV series
  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer from the Lucifer TV series.
  • Ezra Miller, the movieversion of Barry Allen/Flash in Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League. And John Wesley Shipp (from the 1990s The Flash TV series) as Barry Allen from Earth-90
  • Matt Ryan as JohnConstantine from the Constantine TV series

Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths:
Part One on Supergirl S5 episode 9
on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 18:20

Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths:
Part Two on Batwoman S1 episode 9
on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 19:10

Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths:
Part Three on The Flash S6 episode 9
on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 20:00

Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths:
Part Four on Arrow S8 episode 8
on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 20:50

Watch Crisis On Infinite Earths:
Part Five on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow S5 episode 1
on Saturday, 20 June on M-Net City (115) at 21:40

Film score!

And if you’re holding out for a hero, DStv will be showcasing the following Super movies in the week of the Arrowverse launch:

Batman & Robin (1997) on Wednesday, 22 April on TNT (137) at 20:00

Dark Phoenix (2019) on Saturday, 25 April on M-Net Movies Premiere (104) at 20:00

The Amazing Spider Man 2 on Saturday, 25 April on M-Net Movies Action+ (106) at 20:00

Superman I (1977), Superman II (1980) Superman III (1983) on Sunday, 26 April on TNT (137) from 13:35, followed by Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) at 20:00

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