3 reasons to watch excellent legal drama The Good Fight S3

The critically acclaimed legal drama starring Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart is back for a third season. Here’s a taste of what we can expect.

1. The show is clear about where it stands in Trump-era America

The Good Fight has always had strong female leads, which makes sense given that it’s a spin-off of The Good Wife, dealing with motherhood, sexual rights and discrimination.

Season three continues to deal with these themes, picking up the story of Tara Strokes, a porn star who claims to have been involved with US President Donald Trump but is too scared to come forward, leading Diane to take matters into her own hands. You can also expect more than a few discussions around racial bias, another hot topic in The Good Fight.

2. You might see Melania Trump

No, unfortunately, Trump’s wife won’t be joining the cast. But Gina Gershon will be portraying someone who claims to be Melania. Gina is a familiar face on screen, having started her career in the early 80s, but you’ll most likely recognise her from her most recent role as Jughead’s mother in the series Riverdale.

3. Michael Sheen joins the cast

The team have their hands full when a new lawyer joins the cast. Maia is the first to clash with Roland Blum (Michael Sheen), with disastrous consequences. It isn’t long before he has rubbed everyone up the wrong way. The best way to describe his character is to reveal that he’s based on one of the most radical conservatives in American history, Roy Cohn – who was also a mentor and lawyer to the real-life Donald Trump.

Where to watch The Good Fight S3

The Good Fight S3 starts on Monday 29 July on M-Net (101) at 21:00. 
Haven’t watched the first two seasons yet? Binge-watch The Good Fight S1-2 on Showmax