Russell Crowe is excellent in brand-new political drama The Loudest Voice

M-Net’s new political drama, The Loudest Voice, follows the rise of Fox News media mogul and political influencer Roger Ailes, and his ultimate fall from grace.

The loudest voice in the room

This might be the first time you hear about Roger Ailes, but it’s not going to be the last. In this brand-new political drama Russell Crowe completely transforms to play Roger Ailes, the man who founded a media empire and influenced the most powerful government in the world.

After being fired from his job at CNBC, Ailes set out to found a news network that would cater for the conservative right-wing American. And so, Fox News was born. Ailes’ modus operandi was to vilify the other side, the other being anyone who didn’t share his political views or the Republican ideology.

His gift was turning political disagreements into personal disagreements and letting it all play out in the media. He wielded the full power of the fourth estate – the media – to control the information consumed by a mass audience. Fox News had, from the beginning, an obvious conservative bias, while CNN was being called out for its liberal bias in reporting. His power and influence continued to grow until, in 2016, his house of cards came crashing down.

A gripping story and a formidable cast

The show is based on the 2014 biography by Gabriel Sherman titled “The Loudest Voice in the Room: How the Brilliant, Bombastic Roger Ailes Built Fox News and Divided a Country”. You’ll want to watch this frightening drama not only because of its relevance in today’s political climate, but to satisfy that secret desire we all have to see a vile human being stripped of his power.

And if that’s not enough, there’s the cast: Russell Crowe is brilliant, unrecognisable and at times terrifying as the powerful Roger Ailes while Sienna Miller appears as the devoted wife of the media mogul. Seth McFarlane and Naomi Watt add to the star-studded cast of the seven-part miniseries.

And then the allegations came

Ailes propaganda machine was so effective that he’s even been credited as the reason the Republican party was so successful when Donald Trump ran for office. But for all his might and power, Ailes couldn’t control the fallout when allegations of his sexual abuses began to surface.

After years of sexually harassing his female employees without consequences or a scintilla of remorse, it all fell apart when one former Fox News staffer came forward, and then another … and another. A year before his death in 2017, he was eventually ousted from his job and publicly embarrassed.

Watch The Loudest Voice on Wednesday 3 July on M-Net (101) at 22:00. The series will be available from episode 1 on DStv Now.