While the Gemstone family preaches on Sundays, they’re sinning Monday through Saturday. Watch this hilarious dark comedy on Showmax

Churches and praise ministries are big business in the US. And big business means big deceit. Forget about the good lord – the Gemstone family live by the good greenback. So if you’re expecting to learn Sunday school songs in dark comedy The Righteous Gemstones, leave now!

It’s created, written by and stars Danny McBride as eldest son Jesse who’s heir to the ministry run by his father Dr Eli Gemstone (played gloriously by John Goodman).

While the family preach on Sundays, they’re sinning Monday through Saturday. That includes mainlining hardcore drugs, hookers, theft, fraud, blackmail, murder and just about every other sin you can think of.

But it’s spectacularly brilliant in showing the utter hypocrisy involved in big-business ministries. It’s a case of do as I say instead of as I do. The sinning is hilariously bad, the lying is legendary, the deceit is borderline devilish.

“It unsurprisingly turned out to be a compelling and truly funny comedy,” says denofgeek.com’s Nick Harley, “but it also saw McBride and company stretch their abilities and deliver something more ambitious and poignant. What could have been a ruthless takedown of Christianity never really went for cheap shots or easy laughs, meditating instead on family, greed, and honesty. A successful season ended with a heavenly finale. Oddly angelic for this crew."

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