If you love This is Us, this brand-new, heart-warming drama, fresh from the US, will be right up your alley. It’s the story of a group of people living in a Brooklyn apartment complex called The Village. Together, they support each other through challenges, revel in happy times and tackle the real issues that sometimes make life seem impossible to deal with. The first episode sees nursing-home employee Sarah find out that her teen daughter is pregnant.

The Village proves that thin walls make good neighbours

New drama The Village centres on the residents of an apartment building in New York, where thin walls and tight bonds make the world go round.

If people who need people are the luckiest people (thanks, Barbs), then the residents of The Village apartment building in Brooklyn New York are truly blessed. In the vein of the immensely popular family drama This is Us, the latest dramatic offering The Village centres on the supportive unit that this diverse group of neighbours has become as they navigate the highs and lows of everyday city life.

The ties that bind

It’s not just the fact that they share a roof that has seen the occupants of The Village grow closer. Viewers soon discover that they share deeper bonds that extend beyond the walls of their apartments. A new tenant turns out to have a secret connection with the resident nurse and single mom and her pregnant 17-year-old daughter, while a young law student receives a call from the same nurse when it becomes clear that his elderly grandfather is not happy in the nursing home.

Then there’s the policeman who befriends and later testifies on behalf of an Iranian immigrant whose young son is in danger of being detained by the immigration authorities. For the residents of The Village, their neighbours are the family they choose, the ones they can turn to in their time of need.

The residents

Viewers are introduced to the world of The Village through a new tenant – war veteran and amputee Nick (Warren Christie), as he is shown around by the super, Ron (Frankie Faison). Ron and his social-worker wife Patricia (Lorraine Toussaint) are the heart and soul of The Village, and it is to Patricia that NYPD officer Ben (Jerod Haynes) turns when he finds immigration services dragging his friend Ava (Moran Atias) away. Patricia also persuades young law student Gabe (Daren Kagasoff) to represent Ava in court. Gabe also ends up with a surprise roommate when his grandfather (Dominic Chianese) decides to quit the nursing home. And of course there’s single mum Sarah (Michaela McManus), for whom history is repeating itself when her teenaged daughter, peaceful activist Katie (Grace Van Dien), reveals she’s pregnant.

Furriest neighbour

There won’t be a dry eye in the house when war veteran Nick is re-united with his decommissioned military dog, Jedi, who also lost a leg in combat alongside his owner. Portrayed by German Shepherd Magnum, it was quite an ask to find a three-legged dog actor, but even though he is not strictly an acting dog, we think Magnum might just steal the show.

The Village starts on Friday 31 May on M-Net (101) at 20:00
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