Sublime British drama in The Virtues on DStv

ITV Choice’s new four-part British series The Virtues promises to be drama at its finest and most powerful. 

From creators Shane Meadows (This is England) and Jack Thorne (Skins), The Virtues has been hailed as possibly the most intense true-to-life drama to come out of Britain in recent times. The four-part series stars BAFTA-nominated actor Stephen Graham (Band of Brothers, This is England) as an alcoholic father mourning the loss of his son, who is leaving the country with his mother.

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Described by GQ magazine as the best British male actor currently working, Graham’s portrayal of the wreck of a man struggling to make sense of the little he has left in life is intensely vulnerable and harrowing. The series also features Niamh Algar (MotherFatherSon) and Helen Behan (This is England).

“This will be, without question, one of the best things on television this year” – James Corden

Tormented by having his son ripped from his life, Joseph (Graham) blunders his way back to his hometown in Ireland in a drunken haze to confront the demons of his early childhood. As he faces what remains of his life, painful suppressed memories of a broken childhood spent as an orphan begin to resurface, threatening to consume Joseph and the people he hoped to reconnect with. Drawn-out scenes of humanity sprinkled with humour and humdrum conversations help to create substantial characters, people much like us.

Ultimately, Joseph is faced with a stark choice. It’s an ending in which The Virtues “distilled itself down to drama in one of its purest forms”, as described in a review in The Guardian. When staring down the source of all your pain and heartache, do you opt for vengeance? Or will the lure of blissful self-destruction prove more appealing?

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