The end of Everlasting – catch all the meta-drama in UnReal’s 4th and final season

The all-too-real drama series about the “unreal” drama on a reality dating show is heading for an epic conclusion. 

Award-winning tongue-in-cheek mockumentary UnReal is taking meta to the next level in its last season … about the last season … of dating show … “Everlasting”. Set behind the scenes on a The Bachelor-type show, the dastardly delicious drama series about the real drama behind the fake drama is a fictional exposé on the realities of reality shows.

UnReal all-stars!

For three seasons, viewers have been hooked on the eye-popping and scandal-filled life of manipulative young reality show producer Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby), who did everything her unscrupulous boss Quinn (Constance Zimmer) demanded to make the American dating reality show, Everlasting, the biggest show on television.

The final eight episodes of the new 4th season will take your breath away with the unexpected twists and turns – and Rachel might finally have met her match when she comes up against reality show contestants who have wised up.

“We love season four of UnReal and its visionary creativity in bringing back many favourite characters for an all-star competition,” says A+E Studios, the real-life producers of the show. “UnReal has been an incredible ride filled with awards, critical recognition, committed fans and, best of all, insightful cultural dialogue throughout its run. We expect season four to deliver another great round of cultural influence with its timely themes.”

Herding kittens

The final season of UnReal brings us “Everlasting All-Stars”, which sees the show inviting back several former contestants – beautiful men and women who’ve been former winners and losers – to compete to be the final couple left standing and finding love. But, it’s not the first time at the reality rodeo for these veterans and Rachel struggles to maintain control and get the Everlasting narrative to unfold the way she wants it to.

The contestants don’t fall for her tricks and emotional manipulation anymore, because they now know how “reality TV” works. What’s more, with every new episode it seems they’re out to destroy Everlasting, using Rachel and Quinn’s techniques to further their own goals. Wrangling the new season’s batch of sexy yet unruly contestants who’ve gotten smart and levelled up about TV fame and how to maintain it at all costs, has suddenly become harder than herding kittens – super cute but totally uncontrollable kittens.


Besides trying to keep the show on the air, the two ruthless producers also have to field the mess of their personal lives. With Rachel falling love with new supervising producer Tommy (Francois Arnaud) and Quinn back in love with her ex, Chet (Craig Bierko), they’re both taking their eyes off the reality show ball. And at this point, getting distracted could have dire consequences, both for them and the show!

On the verge of a psychological implosion and with her personal life in a total mess, the only way Rachel can “win” and save the show is by going even further than she has before in manipulating the show’s stars to get the best outcome. But with the players gaming the game, that outcome could be anyone’s guess.

With a spin-off show in development, someone’s pregnancy, contestant secrets, drug-abuse and alcoholism, sexual abuse in the #MeToo era, growing corporate tension between Everlasting and the TV channel it’s on, as well as unbelievable betrayals and crazy production dilemmas, the final season of UnReal is absolutely unmissable.

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