All it takes to reunite estranged sisters is the one thing they never wanted: their mother’s death. That’s where the drama kicks off in Vida – seasons 1 and 2 can be streamed here on Showmax.

Melissa Barrera and Mishel Prada are perfectly cast as Lyn and Emma Hernandez, sisters so vastly different you’d swear they’re not related. They’re pulled home to their childhood neighbourhood in Los Angeles and fight like cats and dogs from the first moment they’re in the same room.

But it’s not each other they hate – it’s their past. Where they come from, the struggles they experienced, how they battled growing up, how they fought for attention. Oh and their mom has one final little bombshell to drop from the afterlife…

The writing is intelligent and each of the 16 episodes (there’ll be a season 3) draws you into their current and past fights. As NPR wrote: “It's a very good, very complicated story about people who keep doing things that are frustrating, that seem to take them either a step backward or a step sideways for no good reason.”

Emily Todd VanDerWerff from sums up Vida beautifully: “It’s about how we come together as individuals to build communities strong enough to withstand the darkest horrors the world wants to throw our way. If you want to build a better world, you have to be ready to go to the mat for the people in your corner, even if you sometimes want to kill them.”

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