While the alarming real-life dramas of women such as South Africa’s very own Najwa Petersen (who had her musician husband Taliep killed,) the UK’s Mary Elizabeth Wilson (who poisoned all four of her spouses) and America’s Stacey Castor (who poisoned both of her husbands with antifreeze), are all shocking true-life tales of greed, power and control, Why Women Kill is an anthology, fictitious series. It follows three women in three very different decades staying in the same mansion and who all have the same problem with their husbands … infidelity.

Produced by Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids), this dark comedy explores the theory that there’s more than one way to kill your husband. Marc says: “There’s a little bit of Lichtenstein prints in there, those old prints based on that comic book style. There was something about that old-fashioned style that I was going for, mixing that comedic look with the dire circumstances of various murders.”

What the titles say

The 10 episodes’ titles play on real-life drama and tongue-in-cheek danger such as Murder Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (pilot), I Killed Everyone He Did, But Backwards and in High Heels (episode 3) and Kill Me as If It Were the Last Time (season finale).

Meet the characters

Beth Ann Stanton – Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time, Something Borrowed)

The series kicks off in 1963 when charming housewife Beth Ann learns about her husband Rob’s (Sam Jaeger) infidelities. She’s trapped in a one-way domineering relationship and bends to her husband’s every whim.

Simone Grove – Lucy Lui (Charlie’s Angels, Elementary) 

Simone is the ultimate 80s socialite: wealthy, shallow and vapid, and whose husband Karl (Jack Davenport) is openly cheating on her… with men. She takes it lying down (literally) when she finds a toy boy of her own.

Taylor Harding – Kirby Howell-Baptiste (The Good Place)

Set in the present day, this story follows Taylor, a successful lawyer who has an open marriage with Eli Cohen (Reid Scott). Her woke millennial open marriage soon falls apart with the introduction of Taylor’s friend for whom Eli falls head over heels.

Although each woman’s circumstance differs from the other, the brilliant storytelling will teach us exactly the lengths a fed-up wife will go to get away with killing her husband … or so we think!

Women Who Kill starts on Monday 13 January on M-Net (101) at 22:00

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