Will & Grace returns for another brand-new season. 

After Will & Grace’s hugely anticipated revival in 2017, our quirky quartet of friends is back for another fresh season. Expect more of the fun physical comedy, lightning-quick wit and neurotic co-dependency that have made Grace, Will, Karen and Jack such a loveable (if hilariously exasperating) foursome.

Dusting off the 90s

When the classic 90s sitcom hit our screens again after an 11-year hiatus in 2017, fans were excited but understandably cautious. Revivals can be a tricky business – and the world has changed since Grace (Debra Messing) and Will (Eric McCormack) parted ways in 2005.

It soon became clear that the Bush-era jokes sashayed perfectly into the time of Trump, with kooky Karen (Megan Mullally) delighted that her friend Melania had succeeded in “marrying her way into the White House”. Binge-watch season 9 on Showmax to catch all the laughs.

The spark’s still there

Now, it’s full steam ahead in season 10. Grace has a beef (or is it a flirt?) with one of her and Will’s favourite Twitter trolls, snarky curmudgeon Noah (guest star David Schwimmer from Friends). The chemistry between the neurotic Grace and the laid-back and sarcastic Noah works perfectly and Schwimmer’s recurring role is one of season 10’s highlights.

Perpetual Peter Pan Jack (Sean Hayes) delivers some of the best physical comedy as he hams it up with face cream and a banana in a vain attempt to appear younger. Meanwhile, lawyer Will is asked to help his pal Karen who is determined to trademark her best assets when she finds out that her plastic surgeon has been unfaithful.

The best thing about Will & Grace has always been the witty interplay between the four characters. Fans can look forward to more wacky scenarios and tender moments in season 10. It’s the same show, but better.

Will & Grace S10 starts on Wednesday 3 July on M-Net (101) at 19:30